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  1. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that I know that with the scars that I have, with time they go away by themselves. But I mean mine aren't deep they are just pretty red. How are yours? Have you tried ACV as a toner, I'm sure it might help and it's so inexpensive, only like a dollar. Also DO NOT STAB THEM WITH A NEEDLE, you're only making it worse, I know you're frustrated but you are making it much much worse by picking on them.
  2. did u try the rancid test? cut one open with a knife.. see how it tastes and smells. if its nasty, then its rancid. i think most all the fish oils ive been taking were rancid. (i also noticed that they made my skin very oily... wierd) so ive stopped for now, and switch to green tea extracts. they seem to work so far by reducing inflammation a lot.... *crosses fingers*. my skin is less oily that i've stopped fish oil too. well, no my t-zone (nose) is still very oily.. which is normal for me,
  3. I am so sorry to hear that :( I don't know what that is happening to you! Stop it and see if it goes away. Do you have any fish sensitivities? It sounds like what happened to me with milk... cutting it out got rid of the oilyness. That really may be it. If you really want to try... stop fish oil capsules till you are back to normal, then eat fish, like salmon or any fatty fish, see what happens to your skin. If the same result occurs, it's probably a sensitivity to seafood. Or another bran
  4. Yup, that's exactly what I do and it seems to work pretty well so far :dance: Hope it works for you!
  5. Wow... I'm so sorry that you're having to go through this! Don't worry I'm sure he might be confused and needed some alone time for a while, before he left was he acting strange at all? I find this to be very odd and for him to just ask you to marry him a few minutes before he leaves is... geez, confusing Have you tried getting in contact with his family? best friends? One thing that I find to always work is talking to my husbands friends and family whenever he acts strange, they always know w
  6. WTF ----> ttau75! You must be an imature freak! Don't hate cause it hasen't worked for you I have also started using ACV and so far I like, it has dried up my current pimples, I've been using right after I exfoliate my face with baking soda dn so far it seems to be working... I so hope it does . YAY!
  7. Could that be why, I've been using the Sams club brand (Members Mark)... has anyone else had this happen to them? Is there a different brand you recommend I take???
  8. To NdnRomeo.... So I've been taking 3 grams of Fish Oil pills and I began to notice a difference, a bad one.... I began to break out! Well I began to get big pimples (which it had been a while since I had one, I usually get zits) in my cheeks and in my hair line, I also began to use more oil blotting sheets than I used to... I was produceing more oil than before. It had only been bout a week in a half into taking 3 g everyday... do you know why this is happening? I know everyones skin is differ
  9. Yesssss! I do.... http://www.myspace.com/mmaldonado31
  10. I love this.... Thank You Delna, this has motivated me into starting it! I'm starting tonight and will keep you guys updated!!!! Seems like the natural chep stuff is much better than all those brand name sets and cost so much money!!
  11. Looks like you might have had a really bad experience with the line... but I like their foundation! And not every skin tone is the same so you might want to stop talking for others!!! So... as you can see this was my sugestion, obviously you don't agree but that's fine... it's so not my problem that you didn't fine their line worth the money. And by the way... I agree I don't like the 3 step system either, it didn't work for me (so I returned it used and still got my money back) YAY!
  12. I have been using the Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Makeup for about over a year and I really like it. This is a powder foundation and the coverage is really really good. I just recently tried Everyday Minerals after hearing all the good feedback and since it was cheaper I figured I'd start with the free kit. But it didn't work for me at all, it wasen't working to well with me when I would sweat (and with the summer around the corner ). So I'm just going back to my same 'ol powder. And it's
  13. I ordered my free kit from Everyday Minerals about two weeks ago But well, I tried it and I loved the cover it gives but as soon as I was out in the sun for a few hours I began to obviously sweat a little... and my mineral makeup began to look real bad. It began to melt and look white!!! Has this happened to anyone aswell??? What other brands of mineral makeup would you recommend??? Thanks a Bunch!!!
  14. I do not use acv anymore, I couldn't stand the smell no matter what I did. But yes, you would leave it on. But what you do is before sure to use half and half minimum. Meaning that's the highest strength you should use. Start with 1 part acv, 2 parts water. That will do good if you want to use it. Best to use it under any lotion . Adding a drop or two of lemon will help to neutralize the smell. But remember, at least 50% water. And yes, fish oil will take time to work so give it time, that i
  15. Well most of your scars look deep, with time they will diminish. But I would also try Civant Skincare... it work for my red/dark spots. Try it!