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  1. Hey guys, I posted this a few days ago..but for some reason it got deleted. So here it is again Recently, I had a derm appt., because I haven't had one in a really long time and I've been battling with mild-moderate acne since I was about 16 or 17 (im 19). I've been doing a hollistic approach since the beginning of summer 07, by drinking lots of water, eating healthy, and applying ACV as a topical. I have seen a lot of improvement since then, but I still break out around my mouth and chin. W
  2. Hey I recently saw an ad for this on TV as well...my question is the same. Anyone?
  3. Hey I recently saw an ad on television about Murad Acne Complex : http://www.murad.com/ibeCCtpItmDspRte.jsp?...;minisite=10020 I was just wondering if anyone has used this and if it has helped? They claim to reduce breakouts in 4 weeks and help heal without using any BP.
  4. Ive been doing this method since last July. Over the summer i applied twice daily a 75/25 acv/water toner in the morning and at night, and it definitely helped get rid of red marks and help prevent new pimples. I also drank like 6-8 tbsps of ACV a day (i just mixed it with poland spring water). So, in my experience, yes it has definitely helped me. Lately i haven't been applying it as much, and i've also broken out more. I say go for it, just be careful at first because it can be irritating
  5. gloves?????? how do they work and where did you get them?
  6. Hey thats great its working for you, congrats. So the derma-e products reduce facial redness? Im having that problem now
  7. Ok well thanks for the posts guys But im pretty sure im going to stop using AG at the end of this week. The first week went great and redness on my face subsided and the little active acne I had went down a bit too. However after about 2 weeks of using this product, the area around my mouth is starting to break out really bad with whiteheads and even a few big pimples. I know im to expect an initial breakout but its killing me that I was doing much better before using AG in terms of active ac
  8. Sorry guys, this has nothing to do with anything but i just had to say that Weird Fishes/Arpeggi by Radiohead is one of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard. Check it out, it makes me feel better!
  9. Hey this is for all you AG vets out there. I just ordered AG three days ago and have used it twice a day since, with an ACV toner at night before I go to bed. For those who have used AG for more than a couple weeks, can you say exactly if it's been ultimately good or bad for your skin? After reading on the board about it, it seems like there are a good amount of people who are claiming it's breaking them out after a few weeks to a month of using it. If it's just going to break me out more in
  10. Second day of AG and then ACV an hour later, nothing bad to report. AG seems to be working slightly
  11. Hey, I just received my order of Aqua Glycolic in the mail yesterday. I used it last night, then jumped in the shower, and after my shower I waited about an hour just to make sure nothing funny would happen, and I put on ACV and it didn't seem to do anything bad. I plan on using it with ACV, because I've been using ACV for about 3 months now and I'm pretty sure my skin will be able to handle it. I'll keep you posted with results
  12. hey cryptic I'm just going to highlight my current regimen At the beginning of summer, I had common breakouts and all that. It was never too bad but i would get like 2 or 3 pimples on either or both cheeks at any time, so I started researching, and these have been my steps since about May (and by the way, I'm 95% clear now, with a few stubborn redmarks that have faded significantly since the beginning) In the morning I would shower, at around 6:45 before work. I would mix various fruits an
  13. lebowski fan? can we elope please, i'll be by your window at 8 with a ladder

  14. your username is the shit!