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  1. Seems to me Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion is the commonly used one. I had one, tried it once and I can feel my skin absorbs it and became soft and moist. Maybe if you want to hasten the healing process, u might want to try a moisturizer rich in Vitamin E or AHA (10%). These two incredients will exfoliate dry skin and repair new ones basically. For AHA, you might want to consider Paula's Choice. But I do not know if it's in UK. Another alternative to using AHA is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). Yo
  2. PURIFIED, I just wanna know what did you do when your skin becomes dried up and "sunburnt"? So do you peel off the dry skin or kept applying the H&S? I've been using the H&S for 3 days, and like you said, i'm experiencing the sunburnt effect. It really dries up the acne man, and I hope the dark acne scars will fade too.
  3. Mr. McGoo, hope you'll have a scar-free back and ready to go topless anytime! I'll definitely give H&S a try to clear the acne first before I can "scrape" off the scars. It's hard to get the PanOxyl Wash 10, guess I have to buy one from eBay. Bravo on your progress so far, and thanks for sharing dude. You've given me a glimmer of hope. Purified, thanks for the info and tips for using the H&S! I'll be going to Thailand for a holiday tomorrow for 4 days. Maybe I'll get one bottle of H&
  4. Purified and Mcgoo, just wondering, do u use any particular H&S Shampoo to rid off those scars at the back? I hope it works for acne scars on the chest too. And yeah, how much do u use it and what's your method of applying it?
  5. Ok... I may sound like a himbo here , but are you talking abt H&S SHAMPOO? And how do you use it? Just have to apply on the back, left it there without washing and it will dry up the skin and acne? Well it's hard to find Panoxyl Wash in the drugstores, but I'm wondering if anyone have tried using a 10% BP Gel instead (e.g. Oxy10) with much success? Trikster, congrats on your success to rid off those scars. Share with us a tip or 2 so that we can achieve what you already have.
  6. Can someone educate me, what's the deal with ACV? and how is it different from normal vinegar? I've heard some use vinegar to cleanse the skin. According to the reviews i've read, ACV lightens scars and eliminates blemishes too. I want to adopt this treatment, but i'm currently using Paula's Choice 2% BHA for my regimen. Hoping I can add on this extra step to my regimen ASAP.
  7. Has anyone use the ACV treatment on their back or chest to reduce the acne scars? I understand that the skin at the back is thicker. So are there any suggestions or improvements for the back/chest treatment?
  8. Let today be the day I start using PC's 2% BHA for my new regime. Hopefully my skin will look as good as new. So after using PC's 2% BHA with much success, are there lots of acne scars? If there is, are there ways to reduce or get rid of those scars and dark spots? I'm starting to have some dark spots on my back and chest and I hope they would disappear. Any advices?
  9. I've read the reviews and seems to me that Paula's 2% BHA is working great! I'm definitely getting one soon. However, do you adopt any special methods to apply the BHA Lotion? And how long do you wait after you apply BP?