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  1. You know where i can get pure hyaluronic acid? Found something in google but im not sure which one is the beste?
  2. Awesome. I just bought the Derminator and 20g of Vit. C Cristals. Have 2 Questions left: 1. Can anyone recommend me a Creme which i can use after the Treatment. Its important for me that the Creme is not comedogenic (means the creme should not cause acne) but is good for the healing Process. I thought about some pure Zinc Creme from the Pharmacy. Any recommendations? 2. Is there any kind of Oil or something which makes it easier to slide the Derminator over my skin? Again, it should b
  3. Yeah i did some research aleady. Im gonna buy one today. Is there instruction videos or something, where i can get some infos on how to use the derminator? what cremes are the best after the needling etc.?
  4. Oh im confused. I thought u are talking about the classic microneedling when you talked about the derminator. I googled it and i never heard about that. What exactly is it? An electronic microneedling machine? TCA peels are a good idea as well.
  5. Thanks for the great answer! So i should not start with microneedling before i did the subcision? HA filler is hyaluronic acid? I actually wanna do something as fast as possible.
  6. Hey guys! First of all i want to introduce myself: Im from germany, 25 Years old, and i had some really bad acne since 2 Years. I never really used Isotretinoin, more or less i healed my acne with antibiotics, time, sport and renewing my gut. Sometimes i get one whitehead but its really rare. Oh and sorry for my English, its not my native language. If something isnt understandable, just ask. Now i was thinking about getting lasered but i didn't really read to much good about the fr