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  1. you are probably overweight at 115 if you are what, 80cm tall? uhm you might have that psychological disorder that i cant remember the name of, something along the lines of how you constantly amplify and scrutinise every single physical flaw that you perceive yourself to have, even when its perfectly fine. christ,12 years of age and already my memory's failing me.
  2. you, sir, are a winner.

  3. yea well it is, as compared to the 10 grams others use. but since my face has dried up, i dont see a need to up my dosage.
  4. with all due respect, being a man doesnt mean being dumb. but of course a manly man like you should know best. you dont have to wait till the consequence happens before you react. im sure mike tyson will very much agree with that the pre-emptive punch is better than retaliating after being punched on the face. that, my friend, requires foresight. a lacking commodity nowadays. in hindsight, i think a "man" like you should be able to "sweat" acne out. why are you on the boards? stfu and go a
  5. bump..........................
  6. but my water intake has increased slightly. activity remained the same or so. looking up the net yielded no relevant results. meanwhile, i've stopped b5 usage. anyone else know whats going on?
  7. let your skin heal first. Go on a no frills cleansing regime.(water only, or whatever works with you) I believe your skin is oily only because of the damage caused by all those shitty cleansers. Once the mantle forms back, it'll be ok. Also the hardest part to deal with imo is a face dripping with oil and still have the conviction to stick to the plan. So good luck and have faith.
  8. been taking 1.5 grams of b5, one b complex and 500mg of taurine. seeing phenomenal results. However, one thing I'm concerned about is how my urine amount has decreased quite drastically despite drinking the same mount of water if not more. Most people have reported that they experience the opposite, having copious amounts of pee. Its also sickly yellowish which from my experience, is from the b complex but i could be wrong. Could someone with the expertise shed some light as to why this is
  9. Hi. Could you please tell me more about taking the apple cider vingegar capsules for oily skin? How many milligrams are the capsules and where do you get the number 8 from? Can you suggest a website that has further info on this? Thank you in advance for your help! I think its better to just drink it after every meal. Get Braggs Organic ACV. Or any other brand as long as there is the "mother". pills dont cut it imo. Also you can try vit B5.
  10. Are you kidding me? Why would you throw them out like that? You should know better. I've been dealing with oily skin and huge pores for over 20 years now. I speak from experience, I didnt just "throw" this out there. In essence, there isn't anything over the counter that will slow down the oil production or make a big difference in pore size. If oily skin and huge pores and sebum plugs are your main issue, it's a good idea to see a Dermatologist as, in my experience, prescriptions are the