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  1. Cosigning on this to the letter. same thing happened to me and i used the same method to deal with it. been gone for a couple of months. :dance: hope that helps.
  2. what did you do about the drinking and zits? i have been clear too but share the same issue with the effects of a night out and a few beers/ alcohol
  3. thanks for all the responses guys! highly appreciated
  4. ...Aha lotions. i was adviced by Cool as kim deal(thanks by the way ) to use NHSFL lotion to deal with those little white acne that form on my nose. and it's working pretty good as well as taking care of those dark spots which have faded dramatically. Now my question is this: 1-If i just applied the AHA lotion on my nose will it take care of the comedones(sp?)? 2- I noticed when i apply BP + Dans lotion during the day i get these. since i started started using the AHA at night the number of t
  5. AHA= alpha hydroxy acid BP= Benzyl Peroxide
  6. thanks. i'm determined to get to the bottom of this. can anyone recommend a good ointment glycolic acid within the tolerance for my skin tone? much appreciated.
  7. is glycolic acid good for darker skin tones?
  8. or you can buy dan's new moisturizer. it has jojoba oil in it. i like it very much so far
  9. i've used LH5 but it didn't do much for it. apparently mama's lotion has a higher concentration but the ph is what makes it not harsh. my acne has cleared up pretty much all over but i have dark spots on my face that i want to see gone.
  10. if you started off with the full one finger you may get this reaction. i got it too and for a few weeks as i forgot to build up to the full dosage.
  11. i've been on the dkr for a little over two months now and it's working really great. skin clear 95% but i'm darker skin and have some discoloration. i've read nothing but great success stories about mama lotion and want to try it out. maybe using it once a day every other day to start off. any advise? thanks
  12. it's amazing to see that people get acne as early as 12. i started about 16/17 and it got pretty bad when i was 20/21 in college. now it's pretty mild with the dkr
  13. i have the same problem as you. pretty much exactly the same situation. i started in april too and the regimen has pretty much controlled 85-90% of the acne on my cheeks(still getting better), but then i noticed as you said in #4, the pore size seems to have enlarged under my eyes and i really don't like that because i now seem to sweat only at that area as well as more oil production on that area. i think i'll stick with the regiment form sometime and then ease off the dosage.