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  1. So I finished Accutane and I am completely cleared up! Lets hope it stays that way. My only concern is how should I treat my face now. For over four years I have used a face wash and spot treated my face. This is the first time ever where I go to sleep without acne on my face. Should I wash with Acne Wash or a Gentle Face Wash? Is there anything you suggest or do you know of something that has worked for you after Accutane. Thanks
  2. anyone else have any suggestions or information. I am scared to death I will break out
  3. So I have been on Accutane (40mg 2x a day) for around 2 months. There was a problem with my prescription and I have to wait for my doctor to return from vacation to write me a new one. This means I have to be off accutane from today until the 16th (one week). Should I continue my normal routine as if I were on accutane... like to wash my face with a gentle cleanser and moisturize it immediately after bathing or will I break out? What should I do for the week that I am off Accutane? I am reall
  4. What is the minumum duration you can take Accutane? Right now I have been on it a month (80mg/day)
  5. So I started Accutane a Month ago. I am 19 years old, male, 165 lbs. I had been on an antibiotic and a cream before I started Accutane, so my skin looked pretty good. I started Accutane and within the first 2 weeks my skin stayed the same. Suddently, a week ago, I got some pimples on me forehead and cheeks. Today my face had dry patches from where the pimples used to be. It doesn't look very pleasant. Should I apply moisturizer before I go to bed? I just dont know what to do. I hate the dry s