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  1. Well, I didn't visit my derm... didn't have the time thanks to the university... My back is now pretty much awful and looking at it makes me feel kinda down. It sucks, even if people can't see it.
  2. You're similar to me in many ways... Thankfully I am a nice guy and always had very good friends around to support me. I, too, was born with a natural defect that cannot be fixed. I can walk and run as everyone else but my feet are not straight like normally (instead, they slightly turn against each other and that gives me a "weird" walk). When I was a kid, every time I had some sort of symptome such as a normal head ache I would usually think I had some serious disease - and I'm talking ab
  3. hmmm I might try that. I've never seen that in my country but I'll look for it. Thanks. This is getting worst. My back is full of pimps. Mostly look like small red spots. Trouble is... they're growing...
  4. This is getting worst day by day. It's not THAT bad, but it's looking pretty ugly anyway. I'm only seing the derm in two weeks. What bothers me the most is the way it spreaded - never happened like this before after all these years. I guess I'll try to use something else to wash my body.
  5. Three years ago I used to have moderate to severe acne on my back and face. My face got better with time and my back was almost cleared last year but the acne never disapeared. My face is better and doesn't seem to get worse, but the acne on my back is very unstable and breaks out sometimes. In one month it can be very mild and the next month it could break out badly (and it takes a lot more time to recover). Right now, that's how it is: a mess . Not only the acne spreaded to my shoulders a
  6. Hi. First time posting here. I first had acne when I was 12, but back then it was nothing. I didn't care very much back then. When I made it to college, my face never looked so bad (moderate acne, many white heads). It didn't affect my social life unlike many people. I bet most of my friends notice my acne and probably talk about it when I am away, but they consider me a great guy and usually act like I didn't have anything or as if they didn't care that much - talking about girls in this cas