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  1. OMG i am going through the same thing, although i did not do OCM, i did topical oil (blend from this herbalist who i used to think was amzing..) after washing.. the first red flag was that she recommended using paul mitchell shampoo for cleanser... UM what ? woman, are you and herbalist or aren't you ? up until 2.5 months ago i had been clear for 5 years using DKR. i have gotten cystic zits in the past, but NOTHING LIKE THIS. i went to my derm and she said i had 40 zits. FORTY. i believed
  2. I am wondering if anyone has tried using the N.V. Perricone products that are NOT intended for acne. I am on DKR, but i need a better cleanser and moisturizer because i just found out that cetaphil has sulphates in it and my moisturizer (Neutrogena Healthy Skin SPF 15) makes my skin too greasy. has anyone used the gentle cleanser with olive oil from Perricone or any of their moisturizers? Let me know!!!! Thanks Lulu
  3. Hi everyone, I have been on DKR for about 2.5 years with a lot of success. My main complaint now is that my pores are large. I was wondering if anyone has tried replacing the night time application of BP with Retin-A micro, and whether it shrank your pores or improved your skin, or whether it made something bad happen....... Let me know!! Thanks so much
  4. yo so i get these little hard white bumps under my skin and then randomly the area around them will start getting red and swelling up until it is this humungous zit that you can't squeeze cuz the gunk inside is hard, not squishy. yum. so my question is how the F do i get rid of this kind? i got 2 of them 2 weeks ago and and they are stilll on my face, less huge but still red and raised. now i just am getting another. does AHA work on these suckers or just on smaller zits? thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  5. yeah...i haven't changed anything about the way i do the regimen and went back to all my normal products 3 months ago...i wash my hands like a freak etc. etc. i will just cross my fingers i guess. and bank on it being the fault of the prednisone and briefly changing my moisturizer. yesterday i started taking more vitamin a, something called "zyflamend" by new chapter, and no-flush niacin and probiotics. hopefully this combination of stuff will scare it off.
  6. Just wondering--- Has anyone else had the regimen work like a charm for over a year (like almost completely clear for looooonnnng stretches of time) and then suddenly started breaking out again? starting in july i switched from Neutrogena Healthy Skin SPF 15 moisturizer to Caudalie Vinpoperfect Day Cream SPF 15 and it made my skin great for a few weeks and then I got a big zit (first one in a long time) so I switched back, but since then (it's now been 4 months) I have continued to get and inc
  7. do you like neobenz micro better than dan's BP?
  8. can i take DIM with spironolactone?
  9. did anyone else's skin get BETTER after quitting spiro???
  10. anyone who has info about this, can you PLEAAASSSEEE help me? i hate being on prescription drugs but i'm so worried to get off of it. thanks:) anna
  11. where did you get your emu oil and what kind is it?? pure emu oil or what? i am kind of afraid to use emu oil bec. jojoba oil broke me out a LOt...
  12. so when you did finally taper, has your acne come back??? i want to get off it but am afraid...
  13. I have been on spiro 50 mg per day for about 9 months. I want to get off it. I was taking it in conjunction with minocycline, but now i'm just taking spiro. i am getting painful hard zits again. more than before i started it, i think. what will happen if i go off of it? could it actaully be making my skin WORSE right now? and is there an possibility my skin will IMPROVE when i stop it?? please help!!! anna
  14. how long have you been on the retin-a?