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  1. http://www.forums.onlytherightanswers.com/ I believe that is the website Baylee is referring to, unfortunately it was taken down a couple months ago. I had been meaning to copy it all but never got around to it because of the mass amount of information. The man who compiled all this info had an account here some years back, but it hasn't been active since '05 -- http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Mookis-m26213.html I'll see what I can do to track him down, maybe he just moved to a new web addre
  2. Is there are alkaline suppliments I can take? Anyways im going to work on this alkaline thing. Almonds have them right? I have roasted almonds, dont know if they are good or not. As for saw palmetto, I read that they cause tender breasts in men, not sure how that translates but I still may take it, because I am not over weight so I wont have flopping breasts from it lol.
  3. It doesnt address the reason for success with many who eat red fatty meats which this diet frowns upon I think that having a good alkaline balance is important but not by the means of banning red meat
  4. Glad you're enjoying that link I've been loosely following his advice for a little under a month, though as I'm vegan a I haven't been following the diet advice 100%, for example in place of lean meats I make up for in more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. I personally don't recommend a vegan diet though, as it's hard for the body to adjust too, causing undo stress. The key here is too increase the alkalinity within our bodies, according to Edgar the ideal alkaline/acid ratio was 80/2
  5. I totally dig Edgar, I'm obsessed with his works, particularly on health. Take a look here - http://www.forums.onlytherightanswers.com/viewforum.php?f=30, there's more on his acne readings, the forum admin's own success story, and much more including scar removal. Most importantly he recommended liver flushes & colonics for acne sufferers, and a diet high in alkaline forming foods, his philosophy was that "most" acne was caused by digestive and/or elimination problems, which I'm sure many
  6. Thank you shavingwoes, I'll keep options open at this point. I've spent the morning thoroughly reading through all the threads that Healthoid linked, and I'm going to take some of the routines I had not heard of and incorporate them into mine, for example; chewing my food more & not drinking with meals. Also, I'd forgotten to add these to the original post on my diet; -I don't drink anything but water and tea, and haven't for years - usually 7-14 combined glasses a day. -I don't eat fried
  7. *Any advice is appreciated* Where to begin... I'm an 18 y/o male and have had moderate acne since 13, as is the norm for most, just typical. What's not typical is I've either been vegetarian or vegan for these years, vegan for last 3. No meat at all in these years, only dairy in the earlier, and removing it from my diet had no effect on my acne as it does for some. I've tried countless home remedies, *nearly all* prescription drugs, vitamin B5, benzoyl peroxide, over the counter stuff... the li
  8. I've long thought that sex/masturbation might be at least in part responsible for my acne, Is it the act of stimulation or the actual orgasm that disrupts the hormones?
  9. I love almonds, I'll have to look into that. But back to the topic; Brown Rice flour, Good or bad?
  10. I have a question for all those who have a gluten free diet, as I'm considering it myself. Brown Rice flour is technically a grain, but apparently contains no gluten and can be used in place of other flours when baking. I've been experimenting with it in breads & muffins, which have turned out alright, and I've even come across some brown rice bread loaves at the grocery store. I'm wondering what the general consensus of it is around here, as I couldn't find much about it after doing a sea
  11. Uncle Bill's Microwave Potato Chips You can try making some patato chips, these ones are made without oil. Haven't tried it myself but it looked interesting. Appreciate the link, but as I said potato's don't sit well with me. Fried foods are not recommended for people with acne prone skin. That would include foods like french fries, baked chips, etc. I'm aware of this, which is why I try to avoid all fried foods, But baked chips aren't fried, granted they aren't nutritious &
  12. I'm unable to find any non-potato (potato's cause a breakout with me) baked chips in my area, I did however come across some black beans & rice chips in a local health food store, but according to the companies website they're fried in canola oil. Has anyone had a bad experience with fried chips, or baked chips?
  13. Has anyone else experienced weight loss while on B5? I had mild acne and weighed in at around 160 pounds(male), that was 9 months ago though. When I began taking it I noticed right away that I was losing weight, and for the past 4 months I have weighed a grand total of... 120 pounds. On average I get 1,800 - 2,500 calories a day, but no matter what or how much I eat my weight stays the same, and I don't want to go off of B5, even though it's not totally effective (It's cleared up about 85% of