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  1. Hi Okies, I am still deliberating between the polomar and fraxel2> I am very very confused. It sounds like fraxel is very painful and the new polomar laser sounds like it is not when you speak to the Avenue. They did say it works better than the fraxel 2 as you know. What do you think. I have to make a decision I am scheduled for it in a couple of weeks. Thanks
  2. What do you know about polomar? Have you had it done? I am not sure if I should have the polomar or fraxel. Let me know if you know more Thanks simple1
  3. Can anyone let me know the results after the fraxel. The results are supposed to be seen at least a month after as this is when the collogen starts reforming. Is anyone happy with the results for acne scarring? I have ice pick scar has anyone out there had fraxel with this skin type and what are the results.Or is all just the new thing and we are hoping for a miracle? Thanks
  4. I am very confused with the two lasers. Is Polmar the new improved technology? has anyone had it done and is it better than the fraxel laser. Every office you speak to says theirs is the newest and lastest. I believe the polomar is the lastest but is it just as good for acne scars. Thanks for your help