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  1. I feel so nauseated right now! I have had a small hard lump (not painful - just skin coloured) under my skin on my left cheek area for the past six months at least. Recently I have been putting lavender oil on it at night to see if anything happened. Today I noticed it looked like a black head on the surface. So I got some tweezers and plucked the black bit out. I then squeezed quite firmly. And..ohmygod. It's really gross ]: This long, thick string of really hard pus came out and it kept
  2. Xylitol is a natural sweetener which doesn't raise blood sugar. It's very very sweet! I use it in baking etc.
  3. MSM drives me mad, it makes my stubble grow SO quickly!
  4. They are so gas-inducing for me
  5. I find that sugar causes my depression to get worse. It also causes mood swings etc so best to avoid sugar.
  6. Be careful that you don't develop IBS. When I had a stomach infection, I ended up on antibiotics and then was left with IBS. Probiotics may help.
  7. Now I'm craving Red Bull. Interesting read! I suspect that I'm not too good with fructose either. I'm glad you found something that works for you.
  8. It's amazing how many people with acne have IBS too. Did you guys have acne before you developed IBS or after? Mine seemed to start as my IBS started.
  9. I get very itchy too. I find that if I use ACV topically, I don't get so itchy.
  10. Thanks very much for your input! I'm glad I have a chance at getting better and reducing my flatulations, that and the bloating is the worst part. I have IBS-C btw, and I eat about two apples a day which is a decent source of fiber. I wonder if I should alter this in any way.
  11. 1.) Everyone has different triggers. I seem to have no problem with fat at all, it even helps my IBS. I'm not so sure about fructose though. Any sugar is generally a bad idea for an IBS sufferer. 2.) Uh..all the time. I get severe bloating also and a lot of discomfort. Once you find what helps your IBS, it gets so much better. 3.) I used to go about 6 times a day. Now it's about 2 or 3. I have a very low fiber intake now and that helps a lot (because i have IBS-D. If you have IBS-C, fiber wou
  12. I'm interested in doing this but then it might make my IBS bad.
  13. I prefer using ginger tincture and putting a few drops in hot water, it's more soothing. Mint is good for nausea also.