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  1. Don't worry everyone, nobody needs a girlfriend and nobody needs a boyfriend. Just stay at home, get comfortable and have a tremendous wank.
  2. Right now i do have one big bitchin cyst thing on my cheek, but for the most part it's mild. But the red marks which are left behind take agggeeesss and even though the skin is mostly smooth, its totally messed up. So many nasty red marks, it looks just plain wrong.
  3. yeah totally, i know the feeling. I have no real choice when it comes to acting like it bothers me or not, i have had acne so long that if i avoided all contact i would have starved to death 3 million times over. The people i have met are all cool really, but i would be an idiot to think they don't notice it and i am bracing myself for that moment when someone brings it up with me and i think a lot about what other people say about me when i am not around. I get the feeling i am ''the guy with a
  4. I don't really know what has gotten into me today but i feel so shit about everything. I started at university just recently and it should be a great time for me, but i have just not been in the mood for it. And it is 100% totally down to acne, no doubts. I am a shy person in general, but i know it is all acne. People can say, ''oh is it really down to something else which is bothering you and if you had clear skin you would be bothered by something else?'', the answer to that is to fuck off. I

  6. At least the announcements and feedback forum is getting some more activity since the chat went down.
  7. That is one huge amount of tabs you got going there.
  8. land of chocolate clocks.... that somewhere near Palau?