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  1. skin will appear normal for the first day, maybe even the first two days. Then it will crinkle up and flake off.
  2. ^ugh. my skin broke out too! but im ordering the super COP. i hope that will work better.
  3. ive never even heard of aqua glycolic lol. but im gonna look it up on makeupalley.
  4. id consider alpha hydrox souffle. works wonders.
  5. they are very good for you. take fish oil and flax oil capsules. theyre also very good for weight management if thats a concern for you.
  6. Hey guys. I had been doing glycolic acid peels from MUAC for quite some time, and was seeing incredible results. thats when i decided to introduce copper peptides from skin biology in the picture. WELL EVER SINCE i did that, ive had nothing but broken out skin, bumps EVERYWHERE and dull, dry skin. I think the breakouts have come from the emu oil. I also did a 4 layer 12.5 percent TCA peel, and saw absolutley NO results. Ive done TWO Tca peels actually (spaced a month apart). IM SO DISAPPOINTE