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  1. Hi Lhong, I hope you are seeing some results from the differin! It does take a while for the whole purging/ breakout to go away but trust me it does. The rate and number of pimples breaking out slows down when you hit month 3. I have been using it for 7 months now and hardly have any pimples except for that one or two occasional pimple. i have added vitamin c serum to my routine now, prescribed by my derm for skin rejuvenation and lightening of the marks. I have done 6 IPLs which has helped
  2. It's been 6 months since I am on differin and I haven't had any pimples for the past 6 weeks!! A couple of days ago, started alternating differin and dermatix ultra (for my red marks) at night. i did my 4th IPL last Monday. I am still struggling with my PIH. The IPLs has helped a lot generally but there's still red marks that are super stubborn and my derm suggested trying dermatix. I feel frustrated treatment after treatment, anticipating and hoping to get the results that I want. Typically
  3. I am grateful that my acne treatment worked and now I am down to PIH. I am undergoing IPL treatment for the marks and there has been gradual improvement. Marks were suppose to clear after 2 treatments but my inflammation was so deep during the breakout it is taking a longer time. Everyday is a struggle. After every treatment, there's fear and anxiety that the marks will not clear for good. I thought once the acne cleared I will be feeling much better but the marks has equally ruined my self este
  4. It took me 5 months to see almost completely clear skin with differin. Marks left sucks a LOT but I agree it's best to get the breakout under control before starting a new treatment. I still get little whiteheads which turns pink (not full blown pimple) and the differin takes care of it within 3-5 days. Hang in there. There's really hope with differin. 3 months to see improvement and you might still get pimples up to 4th to 5th month. At least that's what happened to me.
  5. Rant time. I can't help feeling low today. I am going through the last stage i.e. dealing with PIH. I have like 30 red marks on one cheek. I know IPL has help to fade those marks and it looks better than a month ago but I really want to be done with it. I want it to be OVER. I know there's been significant improvement. My tonnes of closed comedones are all gone but those red marks argggggggh makes my skin look like I still have 30 pimples on my face!!! I won't say acne is equally bad as PIH b
  6. Quick update. It's been almost 5 months since I started using differin. For me, it almost took me this long for the skin to 'stabilise'. At 4 months, differin was still clearing those leftovers closed comedones. I have a little pimple that popped up today but the past couple of weeks I had no pimples. I feel I have reached the stage where I can say I am pleased with the results from differin. I hope other differin users will achieve good results too although it might take longer than 3 months.
  7. Thanks Tracy for your reply! It's been a week since I had the IPL. My red marks did get redder for an hour after the treatment as you mentioned. Overall it has been a pleasant experience with no swelling/ sunburn/ blistering etc. I do not have any coffee ground look or flaking although some of the marks are a tinge darker. So far there's no significant difference in the marks but I notice my pores are smaller and the skin texture seem to have improved. My derm says I should see results a
  8. I had my first IPL this morning. Prior to IPL, my derm informed me that there was no reason to stop differin. In fact his advise is to use differin as part of my daily routine indefinitely for maintainence. I have no issues with that as long as it keeps the comedones in control. I would probably re-evaluate down the road if I should use differin every other night instead. At the clinic today, the nurse numbed my left cheek. After an hour she cleanse my cheek, took a photo for reference and app
  9. Currently on week 15 and acne is still under control. A few small pimples here and there, feels like it's clearing the leftover closed comedones. Scheduled for an IPL next week to lighten the post acne red marks. Hopefully it works. Derm seem to think I will only need 1 or 2 sessions. To new differin users out there, hang in there!! Give it a full 3-4 months before you decide if it works. Different ppl have different timelines. You may not be 100% acne free by the third month but t
  10. Hi Tracy, I am scheduled for an IPL next week to remove my post acne red marks. From what I understand, I should be expecting 'coffee grounds' flakes after the treatment. Is this a sure thing or sometimes you won't even flake? From your experience how long does it take for the coffee grounds to go away? And from each treatment, how much improvement would you say you had? I am feeling nervous from reading bad reviews. I am going to a trusted dermatologist and praying the treatment will go well
  11. Your skin looks beautiful!! I am so happy to hear that differin has worked so well for you. I just finished 3 months and down to one bump and mainly post inflammation hyperpigmentation. Quick question, did the differin helped in fading the redness and acne marks?
  12. RubyK

    4 Months

    Hi Chris, I am sorry to hear that you developed cystic acne and dermatitis. I read that many differin users switch to retin a after the three months. I am glad that it is working well for you. I have completed my 12 weeks and I am down to one cystic acne which is taking forever to go away! My PIH is horrendous and I am wondering how long did it take for your marks to start fading away? Does retin-a helps with the marks?
  13. Hey, you never know you might be one of those lucky ones with minimal breakouts! But if it does get 'worse', hang in there. I know it's hard and frustrating when you don't know which direction the treatment is heading and unfortunately it takes up to 8-12 weeks to see a difference which seems forever!! I saw great improvement from week 9 onwards. I am currently on week 13, my face is 95% clear and I am dealing mainly with post inflammation hyperpigmentation (which is another pain in the neck
  14. I have been on differin 0.1% for 3 months now. My IB lasted for 8 weeks. By Week 9, the breakouts slowed down tremendously. You should see significant improvement by week 12. From what I read, you should see near perfect skin by month 4. Hang in there and give differin a chance
  15. I have been on differin treatment for 3 months now for comedonal acne. There's been lots of improvement and I am thankful for that. The whole journey has been truly depressing. I have mainly marks now and they are equally heartbreaking. When will this end? I miss my life