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  1. qtgirle

    I hate myself

    Stop being so hard on yourself, you are far from ugly. I used to feel that way too, so I feel ya. Keep ya head up!
  2. qtgirle

    Me no more pimples :)

    using Ziana&benzaclin
  3. qtgirle

    anyone tried ziana??

    I have been using Ziana for 8 weeks and I am seriously consindering not going to work on a daily basis. If I could stay inside all day long, I would! I have always had mild acne and was using Differin for about 5 years. At my last Derma appointment she would not prescribe me the Differin, instead she gave me Ziana. My face is a mess! I have these small pimples that are swollen for about a day and then leave a nasty red mark for another week! I have never had so much acne in my life. I cal
  4. I got ziana as a presc and benzaclin. Its only been one day, and I am already seeing a difference. Anyone had this regimen? Oh and also a face wash called glyderm-love it! Recommend it! Very gentle.
  5. qtgirle

    Ziana & Benzaclin routine

    Went to the derm today, and got a face wash call Gly Derm, which I really like, very gentle. And was prescribed Benzaclin and Ziana. Benz morning, Ziana at night. I just used the face wash and the Ziana so far. Tomm will be my first full day of my new regimen.I dont have really bad acne, just get like 2-3 pimples a week, but they stay there it seems. I am hopeful, and I love the face wash, and the ziana didnt burn and my face feels comfortable. I tried Murad & proactive and my face was a