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    USA - East Coast
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    Music (jamie cullum, silverstein, cartel, linkin park, killswitch, daphne loves derby, nickel creek, etc. just to demonstrate my broad likings.)<br /><br />Video games (World of Warcraft and Guitar Hero. both terribly terribly addicting.)<br /><br />Drawing (let me know if you want to see some. it's mostly anime and stuff...)<br /><br />Knitting (if i accomplish nothing else during the day, at least i can remember i'm keeping girls warm during the winter. :D)

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  1. ....................sorry, I shouldn't laugh, your poor lunch
  2. i do have a tendency to be hard on myself. i apologize if it seemed out of place to ask, but the past few months have been the worst for me...ever. no one besides you guys understands what it's like to be in a situation where you don't like your own image. it's hard to talk to family because they give support blindly. really, you guys have been helping me get myself together. thanks a ton (the reality checks too), dan *edit* the pictures are from last year-ish. my acne has flared on and off fo
  3. Hey I can crochet :D I'd like to see some drawings, I love anime'

  4. Mr. Kimura


    some photoshopped, some not.
  5. i had one for lunch today! no joke...but i burnt it yeah, make sure you cook em right, no more then 30 seconds on high power. *edit* LOL
  6. i was homeschooled from 5th til the end of high school!! lol, i'm not alone!
  7. i have a request for those of you willing to participate... i've never really asked people what they think of me upon seeing me in person, it's just not something one regularly does. so, i've decided to post a picture of me (unedited, i'm pretty sure...) and would like you guys to go take a look and tell me what you think. this will probably help me get over whatever feeling of ugliness i may feel buried within me. i would really really appreciate it. just click my name and go to the gallery t
  8. if she's human, your face was probably the first thing she noticed. don't mislead yourself into thinking she hasn't seen your acne. believe me, she has. and it doesn't bother her. count your blessings and like Josh8 said, "go with the flow." the more time you spend thinking about whether or not she "sees" you, is less time you spend paying attention to her. don't waste your energy on it. who knows, maybe being positive and staying happy with her will clear up your face a little. sincerely
  9. all i can think of is genuinely asking him to sit down and talk. there's a reason he's like that. maybe he's releasing it in the wrong way, but he has a reason. maybe his way of trying to protect her from falling down is to keep her afraid of leaving her room. i don't know. just a theory. seriously, try to talk to him even if it means waiting until he decides to be sweet one day.
  10. I agree, although I think my reason for it was something different....it was like a way to try & take control over my life, a physical way to express my frustration. It was almost soothing to slip into that trance & start picking & popping everything on my face. Once I stopped I noticed a BIG improvement in my skin. Even when I still got breakouts, they were not as large, healed faster, and did not "spread" to the surrounding areas. I also did not get re-occuring pimples in the exact