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  1. day 29 skins has been quite good of late which is good tho i had a bit of an eruption just near my nose with 2 huuuuuge spots the other day but there starting to go down now so its ok! my skin i still feel is a little red but i thnk thats probably more down to me being out in the sun so much rather than what was the orgonal problem .. ill keep u posted! also has anyone found that drinkin seems to make there face very red the day after??
  2. day 24 Ur right mate! thanks for the advise cos i hadnt been mosituzing at night because my skin wasnt flaking so i desided not to bother but ive foudn that if i moustizer nite and day then the redness goes! so glad i found this website and reginme cos its been such a help to me! anyway back to what am meant to be sayin..the spots! ive only got 3 left on my whole face..am so happy at the moment with my skin though i imagine its going to get worst slightly because i went out last nite and the nit
  3. day 16 ok i havent been able to get on here for a while cos end of term exams and goign out! which has made a bit of a state of my skin but saying that i finally got home from uni yesterday and both my parents said how much better my skin is looking! result! it quite clear now although i have had a small break out on my chin and round my nose but nothng liek it used to be and im putting this down to my drinkin of late to celerbrate finishing uni.. my face is becomeing increasing red now tho whic
  4. Day 8 my skin is looking much better now and its only bin over a week! im still having very small break outs but its only 2 or 3 sots instead of 8 or 9 so am happy! i hope it continues to imrpove. after all the talk of the asprin mask ive bin using that for the passed 2 days as well and it makes my skin much smoother and less inflammed so if this sounds liek anyones skin definetly give it a try! my skin has finally started to get used to the bp gel aswell and isnt flaking as much now so overall
  5. day 5 its not bin such a great day today dont no if its sumthing im doing wrong but mu skin has cum out with new spots. Im hoping this is just me flushing them out of my systme but am being good and not poppin them and stickin to the regime..tho am finding my face is even redder than yesterday!!! any one any tips of gettin rid of redness? ill keep u up to date soon
  6. day 4 its going quite good i have to say! didnt really expect to see much happening within the first few days but my skins looks better i think. All my spots that were there b4 are still there but ive had no new ones! the only thing is im finding my skin is gettin very dry and my moustier doesnt seem to be doing a vrey good job..mayb its the one im using tho so am gona give it a few more days to hopefully see if my skin reajusts and if not gona change to a different moisturizer. Am from england
  7. OK ive started on the regime yesterday so its day 2! I already used BP gel but i have been using 10% so clearly its just been making my skin very dry and it only helps slightly with my spots. But i hope using the 2.% will help..ill be undating evry other day. ive tryed pretty much everything now so i hope this does and if not at least ive found a website which can help me out...ok ill keep you post!