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  1. Hey girl, I have suffered from the same thing which was malassezia follisitis which is a yeast infection on the skin causing itchy little bumps in the hair follicles. I have controlled this by doing a parasite cleanse, these are supplements you take 2-3 times a day which should help detoxify your gut and body and flush all the impurities out. You can find these supplements on eBay, most of them are natural too! Also make sure you are properly removing your makeup at night. After cleansing, take
  2. I think it could be due to clogged pores, try a cleansing brush or silicon pad with the little bristles when cleansing your face morning and night, this should help lift excess dirt on the skin. After this you should close the pores with a toner.
  3. So basically I broke out last week in little tiny pimple like bumps on my cheeks so I did my research and what I came across was that it could possibly be yeast present on the skin due to a parasite in the colon. So I went onto eBay and purchased "p-cleanse" capsules and it works as sort of a herbal antioxidant because it is anti bacterial and anti fungal. It contains a blend of capricylic acid, olive leaf, shiitaki, cinnamon and other herbs (I also did my research on all these ingredients and h
  4. I'm suffering from the same issue at the moment, I have several acne scars on my right cheek and hardly any on my left cheek
  5. Hi, thanks for your reply, I have tried this changing my cases wherever I can and I flip them over every night, I try to fall asleep on my left but I always wake up on my right. I also tie my hair back when I sleep so the oils in my hair don't touch my face
  6. So I have to admit I am a pimple popper, I can't help it they bother me so much. And as I was looking for a remedy to fade the existing marks left behind I've tried aloe Vera, exfoliations etc and I just feel like they're great but take way too long. So here's onto the good stuff; Nadinola cream is what helped fade most of my acne scars!! It works amazing, I think due to the bleaching ingredients it's called a "brightening cream" and I only use this as a spot treatment on my dark spots as a ma
  7. Hi, I'm so sorry someone had to point that out to you that's so not cool. Anyway I think what it looks like is it could be Malassezia Folliculitis which is a fungal infection on the skin. I have recently researched this because I thought I had this myself due to a cluster of little spots on my cheek that suddenly occurred. I research I saw recommended a colon anti fungal cleanse to get rid of any parasites causing this effect on your skin. You could maybe research this yourself and see if it's c
  8. Hi everyone, I'm just new to this website although I often come here to read forums I thought I'd finally make an account for myself. My acne isn't very bad but I get really bad breakouts nearly all the time with the occasional week my skin is nearly spot free. My skin has recently started breaking out a lot on my right cheek, I never used to have this problem at all but until a couple of months ago I just get either a lot of tiny cluster pimples or the occasional big angry pimple with no h