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  1. Ive had my red marks since last may and on Christmas eve my derm prescribed me with this stuff. He said that they were making my face look much more worse than it was and he was absolutely right. This product just came out about a month ago, so it's brand new. I started using it on Christmas and in about a week and a half to 2 weeks, i saw a big difference. They were fading away, I couldnt believe it! To be honest, i couldnt stop smiling at what my face looked like. Now, they are very much still
  2. Clarifoam EF. Using it now and in two weeks ive seen a big difference, fading away nicely, although still there but faintly and ive had mine since last may. You guys should def try it. It's a prescription so ur gonna have to schedule an appt with ur dermatologist, thats the only bad thing. Just came out about a month ago. This is a must try.
  3. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=183420 I just posted this in another Ziana thread
  4. Ive been on Ziana since may of last year. I didnt start seeing results until about august or so, 2 months. There was about a 1 month period where i broke out pretty badly again, but now im almost back to normal, where i was before i broke out again. As for the red marks, they can get bad and make your face look worst than it is, which is what happened to me. I got an appointment with my derm and he said the exact same thing, they make it look worst than it is. Then i said i know ive been saying
  5. i didnt start seeing results until month 3, yes it takes that long for everyone.My face was terrible in may when i started and now i have about 2 pimples on face.Im so glad i didnt stop and it is the only thing that has worked besides accutane. you need to give ziana a little time.trust me, dont give up yet.
  6. hmmm... i think you should just ask your pharmicist or dermatologist. Ziana is relatively green.id say no but ask a professional first.
  7. good to hear. Ive been on it since mid-may and i only have 2 pimples on my face. My face was absolutely terrible and now i cant believe. i didnt start seeing results until about late august.If you use this, be patient and wait. it takes time so dont give up, you wont regret it.
  8. sorry if this is in the wrong spot. Ive been on ziana since may and my face looks good. 3 or 4 random pimples, but looks good. the problem is my facial redness, red marks and dryness. i saw my derm yesterday and he prescribed me salex cream.he said the dryness spots im getting is from a rash i forget what its called.he said it may fade my red marks and may not. anyone else on this?if so, does it help with dryness and facial redness?what about red marks? thanks in advance if anyone replies.
  9. ^your red marks are fading.by themselves?your not using anything with it?i wish my marks were fading, but arent.
  10. thanx for your opinions guys. im passing on it. i just saw my derm and he said that the ziana has done great for me, but of course i beg the differ because of how bad my red marks are. i only have a few pimples left on my face. i saw him yesterday and he gave me salex cream for my dryness and almost scabby skin.he said its a condition after acne. i forget what its called but i have it somewhere and dont feel like getting it.he also said that it may help fade the red marks but i shouldnt count on
  11. Is it a good idea to use glycolic acid while still taking ziana?been on ziana now for 4 months and have about 4 pimples right now and the rest of my face is covered with red marks making my face way worse than it really is, and my face is pretty red to begin with from the ziana.any suggestions to this or getting rid of the red marks while still on ziana?
  12. ive been on it since may.it didnt take till about mid july early august till i saw results.now,3 months into it,i have about 2 pimples on my face.before i went on it my face was terrible.i did everything i could to avoid going out in public,besides going out with friends.other than accutane this is the only other thing that has worked.besides the few random pimples i get once in a while and the post acne red marks,it has worked despite what everyone might say about it.it really took care of the
  13. ive been on ziana for about 2 months and havent gotten any better.im thinking about using DKR in the morning and ziana at night but dont know if its a good idea.
  14. dont feel bad.ive been on accutane twice and it's back.it's the worse it has ever been before and am extremely pissed and cant get rid of it.i dont think a 3rd time is smart.
  15. Rub on your skin?Wouldnt that cause irritation?Ive been dabbing and patting it on my face.