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  1. how ddo u use a bar of soap like dove creame bar
  2. to wash my face and how many pumps to use to wash my hands
  3. it is just hard to either figure it out now is it done the way u do it in the list?
  4. Ok if I die, it's your fault. =D

  5. Mark will I die if I use MSN too much?

  6. do you dan do u wash ur hands before u wash ur face how do u do it tooo
  7. do u wash ur hands then dy them then wash ur face like wet ur hadns again or do you wash ur hands then wash ur face or other method
  8. yea i have but isnt lukewarm wate rlike warm water anywya? i need help on this thing i have a bathroom sink u have to put the stoppe rin it then put water in so got lukewarm wate rin the sink once i done the washing the water gonna be filthy it gonna be all full of dirty water what i do next? do i put new clean water?