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  1. I do this too! Was wondering if I was the only one! It really does help. I'm not even sure how I discovered the technique but it is quite effective.
  2. I'm sorry to hear about your eating disorder. I actually had the opposite effect - my skin was perfectly clear when I was severely underweight/restricting calories. When I started eating normally again my skin broke out horribly and to this day I still have severe acne (which I have managed to keep clear on DKR). I think eating disorders really mess with your hormones...so eating or not eating could have an effect if you have already messed up the balance in your body...I hope you are getting he
  3. 1.When your acne started or in general are you self concious??? Yes, very 2. Do you suffer physciological or in general lots of stress??? Yes 3. Do you feel uncomfortable in large crowds??? When I feel that my skin looks bad yes, if it looks good then no 4.Did you eat a ton of junk food growing up??? No not really, it was limited by my parents but I did eat some 5. Did u swallow a lot of bubble gum growing up???? No 6.We you exposed to pornography as a child before u learned about sex and mastub
  4. This post makes a LOT of sense to me. I had anorexia from the time I was 15 until I was about 19 years old...I barely ate anything and severely restricted my calories - and I had PERFECT skin. Then, when I was about 19 my anorexia developed into bulimia (non purging). So I would eat a TON of calories in a sitting, etc. etc. I was binge eating to the extreme, and then fasting for days and then bingeing again. During this time period I developed severe acne. It was horrible! I continued to have ac
  5. I have been using Dan's regimen for about 2 years now. It has worked great for me, and I am clearer than I have ever been since I started having acne problems. However, my issue is that it bleaches EVERYTHING!!! I cannot have anything other than a white pillowcase on my bed - I bought a new blue comforter and after a week it was completely ruined by bleaching. Most of my collared work shirts get the tops bleached (they tend to turn an odd orange color) and...possibly the worst...a few weekends a
  6. i wish i cud be that straight up, instead i get rellie embarassed and shy and wanna hide out.... ne ways today i told my bf i cant b with him ne more... i feel very insecure to be with him becoz hes much better lookin than me, we've been frenz for 5yrs but were a new couple...today i called it quits .....personality wise i know im awsom...i wish i felt like that bout my face
  7. I have found this new makeup product, it is called everyday minerals. I have never been able to use any type of powder/foundation on my face without having a HUGE breakout the next day. Not even the makeup suggested on here, not even the non-comedegenic makeups - nothing, until this. It is a mineral makeup, made up of all natural ingredients. It has great coverage, and NO breakouts (at least for me). Check it out at: www.everydayminerals.com . You can even get a free sample kit so you can test i
  8. When I was about 15 I began having a lot of eating problems. I was never diagnosed with anorexia, but I'm sure I had a pretty severe eating problem - I would go days without eating, or only eat an apple a day, etc. I know, it's messed up. But Anyway, during all those years of excessive dieting and not eating, I never had a problem with acne. My face was perfectly clear. When I finally wised up around age 19 and began eating a normal diet again, I began getting the worst acne of my life. It was H
  9. As a fellow acne sufferer, I have encountered many humiliating experiences in my lifetime of suffering with acne. Most of these involved times when others (even complete strangers), feel the need to comment on my skin. As IF I don't think about it 24/7 anyway! I find it absoultely rude and insensitive that people do this! But anyway, I just thought it would be fun to share our most humiliating, embarrasing, maddening, whatever, acne experience. It might help to vent, or just let us know we aren'