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  1. lowers androgen levels....BASICALLY HEALED ME...look it up up on the net ! oh..and cheap..very cheap!!
  2. ladies with mild hirtisium, all I have to say is spearmint tea!! look it up on the net!! bye!!
  3. can I buy that at just a regular kroger's?
  4. hateacne2


    Okay, so guess ,what I cleared my acne, and for good!!..how...? well if you have read my post about me thinking mine was harmonal...I was RIGHT!! and so me being the go getter that I am, and not wanting to wait on SPIRO from my doc, or take any bcp's I decided to talk with an holistic doctor, and she told me about PERUVIAN maca root, a herb that stabalizes harmones(for people with the irregulars,like me, ) so I am happy, and been on it for 2 weeks, also, I aked her about a natural androgen reduc
  5. Spearmint tea, lowers androgen levels, it also controls mild hirtisum in women,check it out on the web!!
  6. Hormonal therapy will only work while you are on it. It is not a cure.
  7. hateacne2


    Thany you,wyne!!!
  8. hateacne2


    Can a regular gyno, test your harmone levels, androgen/tetesterone levels ,and /or PCOS , or does a endo specifically have to test you for it? AND HOW MUCH USUALLY DOES A ENDO COST? THANKS GUYS!!!
  9. Thank you JeNNa86, I guess you guys are taking this the wrong way, cause I dont want you guys thinking I am walking around like an diseased freak or something..last mnth, I did go to a gyno,it was a private care gyno, she checked for a DEIEASE/infection, she spread my legs, and stuck the meddle thing up me, along with took my blood samples and swabbed me, my results as far as a std, came back negative you guys..however, she did not check for OVARY cycsts, which I know I have a good chance of ha
  10. Thanks, however I have been to my private care doctor, and had blood work last mnth ..NOTHING(no disease) I am a safe girl ..that route..he ,my doc, only checked my blood and found nothing..now I did go to a gyno,small clinic and had a full exam ,far as my body private parts go, and they swabbed me, also checked my blood, and NOTHING...they did not check for abnormal harmone levels or androgen levels though... S o I suspect I am having serious issues with PCOS, see, the private care doctors , to
  11. Thanks boston50, you are great However, I use obagi now, and they are great, but my problem with them is their products contain hydroquinone, and I know long term use of hydo is bad, and can cause skin darkening, but thier line ,full line is good for a while ,short use..their cleanser and toner is great, however, you are right they are really expensive.
  12. Hello, boy I have been like a little acne investigator since I have joined this bored, however, I feel like I am on my way to elimidating my acne!! K, I have not had my menses in 6 mnths, alright, severe spotting like daily, but no full 5 day cycle, which is my norm, however my question is this..even though I dont menastrate, like at all, and obviously I am not pregnant, but every day I feel like I am in PMS hell, my stomache cramps, I feel natious some days, and some days fine, I am an emotion
  13. That I do believe is really TRUE!! Since the last time I have broken out with that last little nasty one on my chin, I stopped everything dairy, including cheese, and guess what.. my chin and face acne is like gone, I still have very,very tiny little bumps on my chin, which I know is harmonal, and I am glad I found out abot the dairy thing, cause I like ,litteraly lived off cereal ... I even was doing home made facials(I did myself) with milk and oatmeal, and at first it was working good, my ski
  14. Hello Boston50! Thanks for replying, I have the same type skin, I think combination, so sometimes it is really dry, and other times it feels oily, not too oily though..which is even more confising,cause I dont eat anything that is unhealthy, I dont stress..besides over acne now, so that rules those two possible culprints out, however I recently ,last week was almost totally clear, then I ate some cereal and milk, and the very next day I had a nasty one right on my chin, then 1 my cheek, so now
  15. WELL , HE HE, I just answer myself, since that is the only way people seem to respond.