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  1. not been on here for a while! i went on accutane about 3 years ago - still have the odd pimple but my skin has improved tons since i finished my course. i have dark complexion that's prone to hyperpigmentation - so the marks i was left with from my acne were pretty depressing. BUT they do fade with time - even if you have highly pigmented skin that doesn't heal so fast. I know it does seem a bit cruel to only to be confronted with another hurdle once you've battled your way through acne but
  2. Started around day 12. Got really bad around day 19. Now day 41 and it's starting to improve but still going on.
  3. If you're a girl, I would suggest discussing the possibility of seeing an endocrinologist to see if your problem is hormonal. Because one of the main reasons roaccutane doesn't work is apparently coz your acne is hormonal.
  4. Try using pure aloe vera gel under your regular mosteriser. Don't use the Holland and Barrett one… it has some ingredients that I've heard can cuase further breakouts or irritation. I use a good one from an online store and I have found it has helped my hyperpigmentation . Results are not amazing but the marks isn't any worse than it is when I wasn't on roaccutane and as my skin is far thinner, I'm guessing it must be helping somewhat.
  5. Don’t give up! I had a simliar sounding problem too around days 13 and 19 (started the IB around day 10-12)...I'd have one cysts and everyday a new spot with a separate head would develop around it almost as if every individual pore in the area was purging. Im now day 40 and even though the IB is still going on, it's DEFINITLEY not as bad. My only advice is to hold in there and look after yourself. - drink lots of water - get the sleep your body needs - eat lots of good clean food (mak
  6. I would recommend Aesop's Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum http://www.aesop.net.au/ It's on the expensive side but you do pay for an excellent quality product that lasts for ages as you only need to use 5-6 drops of it per application. I love it - very light and pure. I've checked all the ingredients and they are all low risk comedogenic/irritating ingredients. It's not moisterising enough for me to use by itself as Im on accutane. But I use a very rich organic cream which I dilute with th
  7. I did not experience that at all. I was on 80mg a day at a weight of 120. I actually had stellar performance in the class I took (Chemistry), in addition to working full time and dating. For those of you experiencing this concentration and memory problem, drink more water. I was always a compulsive water drinker (still am) and had minimal side effects on what was a rather hefty dose for my size.
  8. It's time to go to the derm and get something for that. I am having to use topical steroids for the eczema on my hand. Started off dry, then went scaly. It's quite under control now with the steroid cream.
  9. My memory is terrible since starting accutne. Like other people have mentioned I can't remember words for everyday objects, I cant remember if I took my medication, I can't remember what I was supposed to be doing. Also my concentration span is really bad too. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing that?
  10. How come? What's so bad about them? I understand that Mica can be damaging as they can cause micro-tears in the skin if they are not ground up finely enough. And bismuth is also not so good. But lily lolo and meow both don't contain bismuth.
  11. I have just ordered loads of of MMU samples from Meow and Lily Lolo…I am so excited and can't wait to experiment. I like the idea of blending colours to make my own custom shade as it's unlikely any of the shades will be a perfect match for my skin tone. Does anyone have tips on application? I hear people talk about buffering MMU on… what is the technique for buffering? Also, I am on accutane. My skin isn't as dry as it was but still dry. Is it worth wearing a primer? Does MMU cake
  12. I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. It's so unfair when you're doing everythign you can to do things 'right' and it still seems to be going wrong Maybe you should see about getting allergy tested. Even if you're eating healthily, there could be a certain food/food group that is making your skin respond badly. Skin reactions ro soya, dairy, oranges and salmon are quite common I've heard. I'm on Accutane and I've found natural topcials to be really helpful. Pure aloe vera gels and
  13. Hot compress. Steaming can aggravate some skin so I usually spot hot compress areas needing deelp cleansing or has blemishes that need to come to a head. dip a clean cloth in hot (but not scalding!) water and hold to your nodule until it starts cooling down. Do this a few times once a day as necessery.