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  1. Yes, I seem to have had the most luck with icing it. Think I might have to go back to the derm for another cortisone shot. DOXYCYCLINE SUCKS! It not only made me throw up but gave me a yeast infection. I know thats what caused it because I looked it up online and it was listed under common side effects. rar! Not in a good mood right now AT ALL. this website rocks, misery loves company
  2. How come 27 people have looked at this and no one can give me a little advice huh?
  3. Ok, well after poking around other peoples topics, I have been icing it and took some advil. Is there anything else I can do? Is this the type of thing that I just have to wait out? and if it is... how long does it usually take?
  4. Hi, I haven't posted on here for a while because my skin has been pretty good. A few days ago I got a HUGE cyst on my forehead. I went to the Dr. and got a cortisone shot in it which helped it go down a little. There is so much pressure but it is unpoppable. It seems to have flattened out where I got the shot, but gravity has pulled down all the pressure to right above my eyebrow, and it hurts soooo much. I feel like I got smacked in the forehead with a basebll bat. I am on doxycycline at the mo
  5. if it is taking a while to go away and starts to hurt or you get self-conscious about it , you should get a cortisone shot. $20 from your derm. it only hurts for a second and it will go away in about a day. i think its definitely worth it. if you decide to do it though make sure your dr. dilutes the cortisone or only uses a little bit so you dont get an indent.
  6. If I wash my face midday I usually just use the blackhead clearing scrub by itself and the continuous control just in the morning and at night. I dont think it would hurt to use it three times a day, as long as youre not drying your skin out. Oh and the shower is fine.
  7. I've been doing this regimen for quite some time now and it seems to be the only thing keeping me clear. I use the C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub in the shower in the morning followed by the C&C Continuous Control Acne Cleanser. At night I just do the same thing at the sink. I dont think you should use a BP gel in place of the C&C BP cleanser. Maybe for the time being, but its really well worth it if you can get your hands on some. I dont really know the science behind it all but it s
  8. yes, i've tried the 5% bar, it worked well but what worked even better was the clean and clear continuous control acne wash ( a BP cleanser). I highly recommend it.
  9. Sorry its taken me so long, but i wanted to give the facewash a good try before i reached a verdict. unfortunately since i've been using it i seem to have gotten little clogged pores over my cheeks and around my nose! nothing too terribly bad, dont know if its the cleanser to blame or maybe just the fact that i stopped using the BP and SA washes. In anycase, I started my old regimen again yesterday and my face is practically clear now. Guess i'll just stick with that, even though it is a bit mo
  10. I've been using BP and SA washes for quite some time now. Its so time consuming and i still have an occasional breakout. I decided maybe I need to stop 'overtreating'. I bought a bottle of the desert essence facewash today and i'm going to start using it. keep your fingers crossed for me! i'll keep you posted as to how its going.
  11. i think the terrible side effects people are referring to are divets in the skin. like an indent where the shot was given for a few months. i recently got my first cortisone shot and i highly reccomend it. if you have a huge awful pimple you are more likely to get a mark from that alone than the shot. my derm warned me about it and watered down teh solution and only did a little bit. as long as you go to someone who knows what they are doing i dont think this should be a concern. mine flattened