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  1. I agree with molly... didn't have great experience with jojoba oil either. It was moisturizing as hell but it was also greasy and after a few days i started getting more pimples than before.
  2. She sounds scary! You gotta stand up for yourself. I would've screamed at her if he took out a baby brush and did those steps she did to you. It sounded pretty painful. And anyway, acne is not something that can easily go away within two weeks. It takes some time and trial and error with different products to find the one that's most suitable for your skin.
  3. Hmm... I see. I guess I need something else like a primer before that step. By the way, I used my fingers to put those powder on my face, I tried this large makeup brush I had lying around at home, but I had problems with so much dust falling off from it. Is there a trick to managing the dust, or just use a newspaper underneath to collect it and then chuck it away?
  4. Just a question, for those EM works for you, do you guys NOT have large visible pores on your face??
  5. Like the person above said, vit A works. But once you stop taking it you'll likely to go back oily. Also, years and years of experience with acne, I found that the harsher and drying products you use, your skin becomes more oily, b/c your skin is trying to compensate for the dryness so the sebum just goes overactive and creates more oil. Try using gentle cleansers without medical ingredients.
  6. you have pretty features so both hairstyles look great. The straight hair just makes you have more of a edgy urban modelistic chic look, and the "curled" hair on your avatar just gives off more of a feminine, soft, doll look. Personally, I am into more of a feminine look myself, so I like the avartar pic more, but both are great.
  7. you don't need to order tea from some site, tea is everywhere. You can get green tea from your local store, brew it and let it cool down and wash your face with it and don't wipe it off, let it dry naturally and go to sleep. Do that every night and your face does get better. I'm just too lazy to do that often enough.
  8. good to know i'm not the only one having issues with EM. I had really high expectations for EM I guess b/c I couldn't find any negative comments on it before. I kept thinking maybe i'm doing something wrong. I forgot to mention about my pores too... they looked much larger and worse after i applied the makeup. I think this is the only makeup that made me obviously worse looking than without it. I guess I'll have to go back to liquid foundations....which is a shame b/c I thought EM would be hea
  9. I ordered samples TWO times, and had issues both times! Forget that crazy color matching attempts. The color shown on the internet is so different from what it actually is, it's frustrating. But what I can't understand is my face after I put on Everyday minerals makeup. More than the color- miss, its that the makeup highlights my faults even more. I have those closed "bumps" alot of them on my face and the makeup just highlights them. I ordered some samples after reading all the raves abo
  10. I don't know too much about new york but the weather may be a part of it. I find that my acne is alot better when i'm in a humid place vs. a dry place. But as other people here have said, it could be so many other change factors that causes your acne. Stress and pollution seem reasonable factors.
  11. cod liver oil reduces oil somewhat... and grows nails like crazy. haha. I think it's vit A in cod liver oil that does the trick, but it works.
  12. maybe you should check with the doctor if your combination of vitamins and supplements are an okay combination.
  13. Makeup is totally an addiction. Once you start wearing it, you feel insecure to go outside without it, so you are likely to wear it almost every single day. Getting off makeup is so hard, but getting on it is just too easy.
  14. I'm using Cetaphil cleanser for sensitive skin, but it's hasn't caused me any problems yet. Like most medicated "acne" products, perhaps the neutrogena product is abit harsh for your skin, but everyone's skin is different. Why don't you use the cleanser without the Neutrogena lotion for one week and then try the other way for another week and see which one's causing you the problem?