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  1. My sides of my lips are an actual state right now. i'm coming towards my 5th month on Roaccutane (Been now 60mg during this month do 40mg for the rest) and I've had these cracked lips for over a month now so they started whilst I was on 40mg. it literally doesn't make any difference how much i drink, how much lip balm I put on etc they look like this all the time! The sides of the lips usually peel everyday as if they're shedding skin or something haha! They are even hard to cover with mak
  2. Thanks it's just my iPhone 6 Plus camera aha! Yeah hasn't come back at all just have sore eyes all be time, I'm on my 4th month now so not too long left!
  3. I'm on my third month of accutane on 40mg a day as I've had a LOT of side effects, mainly being dry everywhere! Anyway one day I woke up with a weird white tiny lump on my upper waterline of my eye, it made my eye so so itchy for the whole day and it was uncomfortable to blink. I prodded it with a cotton bud in the evening and it basically burst straight away, so it was like having a yellow head type of spot on my waterline... then it was suddenly gone! I am just wondering anyone else has exp
  4. This happened to me as well! I had the first breakout and then another near my period. Also my forehead has cleared up, I'm left with painful spots around my mouth and side of my face. Every spot is a spot I have had in the past though as most of my underlying spots from acne I had years ago are finally starting to come out of my skin! Keep it up on the medication as long as you're feeling healthy and your skin will look even more amazing!
  5. 100mg wow! I started on 40mg and I'm still on that after 2 months, going up to 60mg next month. Everyone I know starts on a fairly low dosage and works their way up.