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  1. I posted something about this on the other thread. It's like my face is sunburnt. Anyone have an answer?
  2. well, i've been on the regimen a little over a month now, and each week i increased my dose of BP like i was suppose to. my face is still red, especially on the area where the BP is applied. it's weird because both sides of my face (near the temple area and down) is not red. should i continue with 3 pumps or what? i'd like to mention that i've also been using AHA and use a moisturizer w/ SPF during the day. thanks in advance )
  3. I am having the same problem as the OP and I'm thinking of trying out the Cetaphil lotion. Should we use Cetaphil with Jojoba oil?
  4. are people still doing this? how has it worked for you all so far?
  5. Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I am traveling to Texas this summer and I was wondering if they will allow me to bring these products (Dan's cleanser, bp, aha) passed the airport security measures. I have never done this before and was hoping for some answers. Thanks guys!
  6. I've been a long-time user on the regimen and wanted to try out the new SA. I plan on replacing BP at night with the SA, however, can I still apply AHA afterwards? I usually do BP and then use AHA for spot treatments. Thanks.
  7. killua hehe...i liked hisoka

  8. Thanks for all your replies! I've been taking EVOO straight for a couple days now and yes, it does have a weird feeling to it! And yes, at first fish oil is disgusting, but like most things you get use to it.
  9. Is it a problem if you're drinking a serving of EVOO straight up?
  10. I've been looking for a night moisturizer for a while, but I am not quite sure which one delivers the best effect. I am trying to rid acne scars and I have found NHSFL not working. Does anyone know if Pro Activ or Paula's Choice Skin Lightening Lotion work? What else would you guys recommend?
  11. The other day I went to buy: magnesium, zinc, b complex, and vitamin d and e. I am confused in when to take these together and how much of them I really need in order to get the benefits. Thanks in advance!
  12. Who has had success with this? Makeupalley and drugstore have given positive feedbacks on it. However, on this board all I hear are people quitting it after going through initial purges.
  13. This rant is ridiculous. What are you even complaining about? Obviously if you have acne, then the first step your gonna take is to clear it up -- regardless in the amount of time it takes. If it works, then why would you even spend more money?
  14. Yeah, I used AG for about a month and I had terrible breakouts. I just couldn't take it anymore so now I'm back on BP.