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  1. has it reduced your blackheads? like specifically on the nose, no more dark pores....
  2. The Sun is really good for your skin, but really bad at the same time. Your skin actually needs sun and it get's vitamin E from it. Just use a small sunblock. The Pure vitamin A my derm gave me has a built in sun-block in it. It's like a topical version of accutane, i love it.
  3. YA stupid post! How come i didn't have acne when i was 14 years old and down? how come when i turned 16 and my face started to get oily all the acne started to slowly happen and become a real problem. Its because of Hormones, perferbly Testosterone. The only thing junk food does is throw more fat in ur body which in turn switches to oil and clogs ur pores, but of course B-5 can't help with this for Most ppl. It's HORMONES AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE HORMONES!
  4. I am pritty much clear of acne and am looking for some type of gel or cream i can use for my scars on my face. The are about maybe 2-3 small indented circle scars on my cheek and also another red mark on my other cheek which has actually been their for over a year now. I was thinking about getting scar zone , but i haven't really done that much research into scar creams/gels. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  5. This exactly why i turn the "red" knob all the way in the shower, u gotta open those pores, then just use basic soap and u don't have to worry about using stupid acne medications that don't work. O soap clogs ur pores? wow clogs ur pores with soap that kills bacteria....it won't do n e thing to ur skin.
  6. I went to my derm a week ago in hopes of getting on accutane, but she looked at my skin and said it's not the same as it was before and she perscribed me this brand new brown liquid stuff. Ingredients. CL 1%, HC1%, SOD. Sulpacet10%, VitC5% then it sez ....In Ace Toxyl G....I'm guessing (gel). Anyways when i first got it i smelled it and it smelled a lil like alcohol so i was a little worried, thats until i put it on and not only did it not dry up my skin which everything has...including (spect
  7. I totally 100% agree with this theory and i'm 100% behind it wanna know why? My acne started on my chin.....Now that i can grow a goatie (lot's of hair) not only do i not get n e acne on my chin, but their's no more oil. Another reason is that i use to have acne on only 1 side of my face and it's where all the hair grew while the other side only had peach fuzz. Well as soon as the hair grew on my one side the acne has reduced significally and i actually "called" it out to myself that i would ge
  8. Accutane cleared me completely for about 2 months after i stopped the medication then the oil came back and i now have mild acne. Anyone heard of ppl who had the best success on a 2nd course of accutane.
  9. isn't the red from dried skin? so if u moisturize all the time their would be no red? unless u get spots of course.
  10. I frankly didn't do anything at all and i had severe cysts that caused alot of red marks and scars. When i was broken up all over my face i never used any moisturizer on my face and i put loads of makeup on all the spots. And i used a cleanser while on tane as well. I also went in the hot sun without anything (sunblock or moisturizer) thinking that the sun would tan out the leveled spots and even out skin tone. My scars and marks have totally healed and are clear now and i'm about the go on a lo
  11. what will testing for androgen levels do? Is their a pill u can take that will calm down ur hormones..their for=less oil?