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  1. Thank you so much, I know exactly how you feel. I had a huge pimple RIGHT in the middle of my forehead and after I popped it, I couldn't stop.
  2. I guess I just don't have anyone there for me right now
  3. So I finally had beautiful skin for three months, I was doing so well. And then I relapsed. I can't stop crying, my skin looks so horrible. I ripped it to shreds. Let me explain. My skin picking is triggered by stress as most of you can relate. And I was doing extremely well with stress management and meditation, but I recently dropped out of school and started a business, I got called ugly at my day job and I have developed a crush on one of my coworkers. These may seem small and in
  4. Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad my story helped you in any way! If you need a cheerleader I am here for you! Bless you!!!!
  5. Hi everyone, I've been a skin picker all my life due to my severe anxiety, family issues, and moving around alot as a child. Ever since I can remember I was picking mosquito bites on my legs and somewhere during puberty I started picking my face. I never really had bad acne, I broke out here and there, but then I'd pick at the sores relentlessly and end up splotchy, bloody, swollen skin.. I'd miss school because of it, pretending to have severe period cramps or a cold. I don't know what would co
  6. Thank you, reading this is making me think twice, but even though the accutane may help my pimples, I still suffer from dermatillomania. But again thank you.
  7. you're so welcome, I'm glad I could help.
  8. I've tried go to the derm, they just wanted to put me on accutane, but I just can't put myself through that. I just want to be normal, I don't understand why I and others are plagued with this and other people(most who don't even take care of their skin) aren't. I just keep thinking about my skin compared to others and it brings me into a deeper depression.
  9. Wow, I relate so much to you it's actually scary. I didn't know there were others that felt like this. I cry after I have a pickfest(what I call my pimple-popping escapades) I curse myself and wonder why I do it when I know what the consequences are. But I find that wearing makeup actually made my impulsions worse because the way the scab looked after I'd cake on makeup. I hate the way they look regardless. I have so much hyperpigmintation because of my horrible habit. But I'm just glad I'm not
  10. Whoa, take a breather. It'll be okay. Just try to be happy, fake it until you make it. Don't touch your face or do anything out of the ordinary. Stressing out about it will only make it worse, trust me. Just smile and bear it. I'm not going to lie, people will notice it, but if you're happy and you smile and laugh, they won't care. Be confident no matter what, don't let it show that your skin has beat you. That's what I have to tell myself before I go to work everyday.
  11. Cause they aren't used to it. We are. Most of us on this forum have had acne for quite some time so if we have one or two pimples its considered a miracle. But I have to admit when my skin clears up momentarily and I get that first pimple, I weep because I know more are coming. Sounds ominous, but it's the truth. Best thing to do is ignore those girls, they're most likely looking for pity and attention from others, been there seen that. I wouldn't call them self centered though, I guess because
  12. Hi, my name is Mina and I've had acne sine I was eleven years old(I mean like zits and cysts), I'm nineteen now. Though I don't get cysts anymore I'm constantly plagued with whiteheads and under the skin zits. I simply cannot stand it anymore. I'm always depressed and I physically can't leave the house with my skin broken out. Over the 8 years I've had my acne I've tried everything, EVERYTHING, except prescription medication. I have a thing against putting chemicals in my body. I don't even drin