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  1. In the interest of being as honest as possible, your scars are more on the severe side. The majority of your scars are rolling with some boxcars, and are widespread. You also exhibit volume loss on your cheeks from deeply seated cysts. Because you are on Accutane, your treatments are limited to procedures that DO NOT leave open wounds that need to heal by secondary intention (left open to heal on it's own). That means NO lasers, dermabrasion, or chemical peels (with the possible exception of TCA Cross). For now, the safest thing you can do is fillers. Subcision is also possible because the surface of the skin is left intact. The general rule with fillers is to start with temporary fillers to make sure you like the look and that they work for your type of scars. Some of the scars will need to be subcised, with filler used to prevent reattachment of the scars and the "donut' effect. Without subcision, fillers will extrude from the place they are injected to the surrounding areas because the scar tissue is too thick. For fillers, stick to hyaluronic acid fillers that are reversible and temporary to gauge their effect. The sunken cheeks can be lifted with a dense filler with Voluma or Restylane Lyft. Restylane Lyft is much cheaper than Voluma, so thats one way to save money. For more surface level / shallower rolling scars, use a thinner filler like Restylane Silk or Belotero for fine tuning. When you have more experience with fillers, BellaFill is a permanent filler that can be an option. But it is irreversible and has risks (granulomas, infections years down the road). Please let the board know where you are located to get recommendations for doctors.
  2. I'm willing to bet that most of the improvement was from the filler, not the Ultherapy. There is no energy device that will fill in a deep pit. If anyone is cheating here, it's the device maker for trying to fool people into thinking the device is what's lifting the scar and not the filler being used. Personally, I care more about results, and frankly fillers are way more powerful than lasers / energy devices will ever be.
  3. LOL okay sure Jan.
  4. Could you be anymore obvious? There's a special place in hell for people like you who prey on the vulnerable.
  5. I find the texture is hardest to improve because it is on such a micro level. Big, deep pits can be subcised and filled and the result is pretty much immediate. That said, I think you've had incredible results given where you started. I agree, it would be great to see a timeline. Some of the of the photos are a bit confusing because they might have been taken not too long after procedures and there might be swelling obscuring the true results. If you could add photos from your initial starting point to current (showing skin that is fully recovered) that would really be great. It can be hard to be objective about oneself. But as an observer, I can say objectively that you have had very noticeable results.
  6. dazzed

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    Making a drive-by post to slander someone is not cool. Either back it up or be called out for being a troll.
  7. Your improvement is really amazing. The texture has improved drastically. The left cheek looks 90% improved and the right is 70-80%.
  8. That's why you always get the lowest concentration of cortisone as possible. Most of the horror stories involved doctors who were clueless and injected very high concentrations of cortisone recklessly. Most of the indentations that may result from lower concentrations of cortisone will usually build back up. The ones that are permanent usually involve very high, repeated doses.
  9. Acne scars really do warp one's ability to think objectively sometimes. I completely relate to your comment about not being "present" because of one's mind being distracted thinking about lighting, angles, and other people's perception. It's absolutely mentally exhausting. I think the mental part is as hard to treat as the scars themselves. The good part is that you're making progress.
  10. From these pictures, I would say NO. Do not do excision because your scars are in areas of high tension and continuous movement. Excisions have a very high risk of looking worse because in order to excise a scar, the excision will have to be longer than the actual scar.
  11. dazzed

    One Combination Scar Treatment Enough?

    Banish is a terrible company. Stop paying those ridiculous prices. I honestly hate that company and how they basically sell rebranded stuff for 10x markup. Their topicals are ridiculously overpriced. They're a prime example of a company that pays A LOT to instagram "influencers" for marketing, but sell subpar products and take advantage of people who aren't knowledgeable. Emer has very questionable business ethics. On realself for example, Emer will copy and paste the same comment over and over on every acne scarring question. He doesn't even bother to read the actual question. A word of advice.... if you go to a doctor and they force you to talk to a consultant first, that means they are trying to sell as much possible. I wouldn't be surprised if his lawyers send a cease and desist letter in 24hours.
  12. dazzed

    One Combination Scar Treatment Enough?

    This is the downside of having a recommendations lists. It's a necessary thing for people who aren't well-versed in acne scar revision, and are vulnerable to being taken advantage of by doctors. I didn't know that Rappaport is no longer recommended (I've never been a fan) but he probably got a lot more business in that area because of the recommendation here. Don't be suckered into the packages, they're just money making schemes. You're committing before even knowing if your skin can handle 10 things being thrown at it at once. We've seen many examples of people who've had damage from that approach. You need time to heal and reassess each and every treatment to see if it is compatible. I did one c02 laser, which was a disaster, and thankfully was not dumb enough to be talked into another (this is from a doctor who USED to be recommended here a long time ago).
  13. dazzed

    Forehead Scars

    Do not touch your beautiful skin. Usually I'll be right there with a snarky comment for people with nearly perfect skin coming onto these forums. But honestly don't do anything, and potentially wreck your good skin. You know most of the people here would be out seizing life if they had this skin.
  14. dazzed

    I cant continue with tca

    Interesting point that scabbing means something went wrong. To address a point made further back..... Hydroquinone 2% is available over the counter in the US. The higher percentages will require a prescription.
  15. A lot of times the dent fills up by itself as the kenalog crystals are dissolved by the body. But sometimes they can be permanent. I know personally I haven't had any that were truly permanent (perhaps lasting a long time though).