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    1. Actually, a lot of people on here do not view him in a favorable light. I've read many of his RealSelf.com posts and he sounds like he knows what he's talking about and goes on these super long, wordy posts. But his actual skill level is not good. His technique, especially with subcision and filler is not looked highly upon.
    2. Run from those doctors. They are full of shit honestly. Any moron who recommends a freaking microdermabrasion is just trying to take your money. You definitely need subcision and fillers of some sort to elevate the scars. Do not waste your money on hokey stuff like Vampire facials. They don't do jack for scars.
    3. I would say it has been worth it, but I started this journey years ago before this forum really took off and what i consider this "modern" era of scar revision. Even just 5 years ago, doctors were totally clueless about scar revision and kept pushing people to do laser so that they could recoup the cost of their $100K lasers. Since that time I and many other members have concluded that lasers don't do jack for scars and that manual techniques like subcision and fillers are vastly superior for
    4. Who did your successful cannula subcision and filler?
    5. I agree that acne scars are tough to improve but it's possible. In fact, we have a legend in this forum by the name of @f93d. His journey is the stuff of legend and he has been one of the few people to document the entire process in its entirety. He got at least 70-80% improvement. And he made every effort to take his pics in consistent lighting. I really think that thread needs to be pinned to the top for people to see. It is possible to get significant improvement, but not pe
    6. The cortisone comes in tiny crystals that are reconstituted in saline so that it can be injected. They lodge in the skin and cause the atrophy. It takes about a month for the body to metabolize the crystals. After they are absorbed, the fat atrophy starts to refill. It may take many months, but in most instances it does recover. You could also ask to try saline injections to try and flush the crystals out of the area.
    7. I am a long time member here, and not another drive by post. I had Mixto laser once by Rahimi in LA just on my cheeks and after the inital swelling went down I was struck by how much worse my texture as. I was not imagining it because I did not do my whole face. I immediately noticed the abrupt change in texture and demarcation lines in my skin. You could literally see where the laser started and stopped. Mixto is a fractional laser, and I could visibly see the little holes from where
    8. I know you are hesitant to dissolve the Voluma, but give it some consideration. I think you've suffered long enough. Go about it slowly with a series of injections instead of trying to get rid of everything at once.
    9. Emer has a ton of so obviously fake ass reviews written by his staff its laughable. Actually RealSelf nowadays is full of fake reviews and yet they do nothing about them. I would take everything I read there with a grain of salt.
    10. Dermabrasion, laser, deep chemical peeling are options to ablate (sand down) the edges and make them appear softer. You would need to fill the actual indentation and then sand down the edges to blend it in.
    11. The guy is a plastic surgeon I believe and from the little I've read about him, he doesn't impress me.
    12. I agree. I've been on the forums long enough to see how people drop off, or are presenting inconsistent photos to make things look better than they actually are because they made some deal with the doctor. This whole thread was epic, and most importantly HONEST. The entire journey was documented and we see irrefutable proof of the possibilities.
    13. Yeah I would have to agree. You should get the excess filler dissolved. I don't understand why all these doctors are advising all different treatments when what you need is to reduce the excessive filler. It's a simple fix. You need to restart with a black canvas, and having poorly done filler sitting in there will make it harder to know what is actual scarring and what is lumpy filler. The thing about temporary filler is that if it migrates to adjacent areas, donuting can happen ma