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  1. Knowing how he operates, he is MORE than likely reading the site and taking notes on what people say about him. As for his past very suspect behavior, a lot of the charges are true. There was an incident in the past where he was accused by someone of creating fake profiles to troll people. His reaction to that was to delete ALL of his hundreds of posts. There have been instances where other people, myself included, have challenged him on certain things when we felt what he suggested
  2. Thanks, that's exactly the type of info I needed. I was mostly interested in the PLLA threads because they're essentially made out of the same material as Sculptra and cause the body to create collagen / scar tissue around the material and create volume. Not sure what kind you got. You're right, each thread is pretty thin and tiny so 4 probably wouldn't do much if you have severe scars because you would need a ton of them. Obviously that would be very cost prohibitive at $50 bucks a thre
  3. Has anyone ever had PDO threads inserted for indented scars? I have had success with fillers in the past, but there are some scars which have been very problematic for me. In some scars, the fillers that are injected do not stay put and have a tendency to extrude and donut around the scar. I have seen videos where some practices have started to insert threads in scars to fill the scars. I'm thinking this might help with my resistant scars because the threads are not a gel, so they ca
  4. Has it been there a long time? If it has been there for a long time and appears to be permanent than something permanent can be considered, but the last thing you want is to inject it and then the area fills back up and you have a permanent lump. It's always best to try a temporary filler first to be certain you like it.
  5. Is there an option to do neither? Microneedling is not worth it to me because I haven't seen much compelling evidence it truly helps scarring. There's tons of conjecture and marketing pushing it, but I still have not seen anything worth writing home about. If possible, I think you should just save money because the subcision will be doing the heavy lifting anyway.
  6. I think sanding the ice picks away completely is being a bit too optimistic. The most famous thread on here by @f93d , who did a pretty aggressive phenol peel, didn't completely smooth out all of his ice pics. But to be fair, he did say that it was worth it to him in spite of the tremendous downtime.
  7. Can you show us any of your before pics prior to any treatments with Rullan? I'm curious to see how much improvement you've managed to achieve with him. Thanks.
  8. There really isn't much change that I could detect. Honestly, I was looking hard.
  9. The key is to get a very low concentration of steroid injections. The highest concentration you can get is 40 mg/mL. For something like bringing down an inflamed acne cyst, the concentration is like 2.5 mg/ml. If you get something on the lower end, you will help to flatten out the lumps without causing dents. You have to do a series of injections so you don't over correct.
  10. Actually, a lot of people on here do not view him in a favorable light. I've read many of his RealSelf.com posts and he sounds like he knows what he's talking about and goes on these super long, wordy posts. But his actual skill level is not good. His technique, especially with subcision and filler is not looked highly upon.
  11. Run from those doctors. They are full of shit honestly. Any moron who recommends a freaking microdermabrasion is just trying to take your money. You definitely need subcision and fillers of some sort to elevate the scars. Do not waste your money on hokey stuff like Vampire facials. They don't do jack for scars.
  12. I would say it has been worth it, but I started this journey years ago before this forum really took off and what i consider this "modern" era of scar revision. Even just 5 years ago, doctors were totally clueless about scar revision and kept pushing people to do laser so that they could recoup the cost of their $100K lasers. Since that time I and many other members have concluded that lasers don't do jack for scars and that manual techniques like subcision and fillers are vastly superior for
  13. Who did your successful cannula subcision and filler?
  14. I agree that acne scars are tough to improve but it's possible. In fact, we have a legend in this forum by the name of @f93d. His journey is the stuff of legend and he has been one of the few people to document the entire process in its entirety. He got at least 70-80% improvement. And he made every effort to take his pics in consistent lighting. I really think that thread needs to be pinned to the top for people to see. It is possible to get significant improvement, but not pe