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    1. Holy F**K.... Congrats. This is mind-bogglingly good. I'm floored. This thread is going to help so many people who have lost hope. I appreciate how honest you've been by documenting this journey with consistent and honest photos. Your results are undeniable. To think you achieved this in a relatively short amount of time. You must be so thrilled with the improvement. Can't wait to see your continued results as time passes.
    2. Fantastic news. As a longtime member of the forum, I am so glad to see more success stories recently. I think the shift from a focus on lasers to things that actually work has been instrumental in this. Lasers just don't work for deep scars, and I'm glad the general public is growing more savvy to this fact that I have noticed in my own treatment over the years.
    3. You do have all kinds of scar types, but what really jumps out at me is the fat loss in your cheeks. Cystic acne over many years can cause the fat in that area to dissolve. Sculptra would help fill out your cheek hollows and improve the shadowing effect (which makes scarring look much worse).
    4. Looking at your pics, there is actually very minimal scarring. What I do see is cheek hollowing and fat deficiency, which the Sculptra will take care of nicely. I think you're going to see a big improvement once all the collagen is stimulated and you generate volume to fill things out.
    5. Well Accutane for me and many people is essentially a cure. I used to have severe cystic acne and Accutane put it completely into remission. That's good enough for me.
    6. Sometimes they can overlap, because cystic acne tends to reoccur in the same spots. Overtime, that repeated damage just literally eats away at the fat layer and leaves the classic sunken / aging face that is common in severe acne scars sufferers. Usually fat loss is more widespread and happens over a large surface area, and can be severe enough to alter your facial appearance. Fat loss is "easier" to treat in that you can mass fill with fillers and immediately revolumize the face. This r
    7. Wow... I haven't kept up with your progress but after being away for a long time and now coming back, your improvement is super impressive. Major props to you for keeping the lighting honest and consistent. The improvement in the deep pits is incredible, and to my eyes, I only see some remaining minor pits and texture issues. Which procedures do you attribute most of the success to?
    8. To the original question, I would not do dermabrasion. Like you said it is one of, if not the most risky procedure you can have for acne scars. There are too many variables and the results too inconsistent to recommend in 2019. If you have ethnic skin or darker skin, prone to keloid scarring, or have general issues with healing I would avoid it.
    9. In the interest of being as honest as possible, your scars are more on the severe side. The majority of your scars are rolling with some boxcars, and are widespread. You also exhibit volume loss on your cheeks from deeply seated cysts. Because you are on Accutane, your treatments are limited to procedures that DO NOT leave open wounds that need to heal by secondary intention (left open to heal on it's own). That means NO lasers, dermabrasion, or chemical peels (with the possible exceptio
    10. I'm willing to bet that most of the improvement was from the filler, not the Ultherapy. There is no energy device that will fill in a deep pit. If anyone is cheating here, it's the device maker for trying to fool people into thinking the device is what's lifting the scar and not the filler being used. Personally, I care more about results, and frankly fillers are way more powerful than lasers / energy devices will ever be.
    11. Could you be anymore obvious? There's a special place in hell for people like you who prey on the vulnerable.
    12. I find the texture is hardest to improve because it is on such a micro level. Big, deep pits can be subcised and filled and the result is pretty much immediate. That said, I think you've had incredible results given where you started. I agree, it would be great to see a timeline. Some of the of the photos are a bit confusing because they might have been taken not too long after procedures and there might be swelling obscuring the true results. If you could add photos from your init
    13. Making a drive-by post to slander someone is not cool. Either back it up or be called out for being a troll.
    14. Your improvement is really amazing. The texture has improved drastically. The left cheek looks 90% improved and the right is 70-80%.