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  1. Hey. I'm possibly seeing a dermatologist in a few weeks, and am really considering getting on accutane. My acne itself isn't that bad, but I pretty much have every "mark" from every pimple i've had stay with me over the past year, so needless to say my cheeks are very spotty, red, and the texture is horrible. I'm thinking I have some form of dermatitis, keratosis or rosacea, as my skin tone on my cheeks is horribly uneven. Do you think accutane or IPLs would help my situation? I've seen a lot o
  2. I agree, I now hate driving around in cars, I try and slouch back a little and try to avoid accidentally looking into the car mirror. The lighting is so sharp and when I saw myself I just about wanted to cry.
  3. Yes, I was on Retin-A micro for about seven months. Didn't have any redness at all for the first five, and (ironically, right before school started), I just started randomly breaking out more and more with each day, which I speculate was me around that time using a proactiv refining mask out of curiousity to see if it'd help some redmarks I had on the side of my face. Stupidest.decision.ever., though I used it before and nothing bad really happened. I guess using it for too long just thinned out
  4. What could be irritating the skin? If the irritance stops, then that'd probably give the skin time to heal. I know it's not good to think it'll get better overnight, but over the course of the six months i've had this redness, i've seen maybe a 25% improvement. Some spots of the red areas haven't even gone away, just the tone of it got lighter from beet red to a weird dark pink.
  5. Is this severe? I've had about two 'major break-outs' in the year and a half or so i've dealt with acne, the first wasn't inflamed at all and eventually went away, though the red marks stayed there for quite some time. The second one brought all of this plagueing redness. And this was nearly six months ago.
  6. Aren't IPLs for hyperpigmentation/overall skin discoloration, though? Ack, I know. I got a zit maybe once every few months before I started getting noticable acne about a year and a half ago.
  7. All right, thanks. If it's not rosacea then i'm glad it's not a permanent issue, i'll see how it looks in a month and i'm considering getting an IPL since i'm gettin' a job. Would it be realistic to think that this would be (at the very least, 80%) better by June?
  8. Oi, it's difficult to self-evaluate with some people saying it does/doesn't look like rosacea. My one dilemma with it that makes me think I have rosacea is that sometimes the redness isn't there (particularly when I wake up/a few other rare times) and sometimes the redness is pretty bad. If it were just hyperpigmentation, the redness wouldn't vary, would it?
  9. I don't really flush with temp. changes, but whenever I get nervous or stressed, my cheeks (and only my cheeks, where the redness/my problem areas are) tend to feel overly warm. If it is just hyperpigmentation, i'll see how it looks in about a month, around the time where my dad will come to visit and i'll see if he can take me to a derm, since my mom probably can't find a day off of work.
  10. Yes, there's times where my (cheeks in particular, not my face) feel like they're burning, and it's at those times, I feel my cheeks, and they feel puffy and swollen.
  11. Piccy I only have two active pimples on this side of my face, so all of that red splotchy-ness certainly isn't acne, I don't recall ever really getting pimples in the splotchy areas. And this is probably the best it looks. There's times where I just look beet-red. The random change in redness at times makes me think it's rosacea. As you can see, the mouth/lower cheek area and the upper parts are normal complexion, while there's just that smear of red. The other side's worse in terms of acne (
  12. Should I make an aspirin mask before or after using Aqua Glycolic Facial Cleanser? Put it on, leave it on for about ten minutes, wash it off, wait for my skin to dry and then use Aqua Glycolic, or use the AG first, wait till my skin's dry, and then use the aspirin mask?
  13. I'm actually afraid if I say anything, i'll jinx it. I'm such a huge believer in karma and supersticion. *Laughs*