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  1. Youll just have to let it fade. Can take 1-6 months. Try using tape sort of like you are waxing your legs. Also put sunscreen on it to help fading. I can relate I have these scars on my chin.
  2. I know what you mean. My younger sister and mom used to make fun of my skin a lot. I remember one time I went to go get a cup of water and my sister said, "Oh, so you can finally clear that shit off your face?" It hurt.
  3. My sunscreen is oil-free, hypoallergenic, and paba-free. Would you use this? It dont say anything about non comcogerdic or whatever. It's got Oxybenzone, Phosphate, and Vitamin E. This should help the skin heal! /
  4. I won't lie to you :^o , I've never used that many products before. I started out maybe a year ago in 8th grade with quality skin. Then I got 3 pimples on my forehead. I used to pick them until they bleeded. Towards the middle of 8th grade my acne escalated and I went from really mild to a very moderate, almost severe. I would get 5+ pimples a day and I would pick them. I was on a generic 5% Benzoyl Cream that I didn't rub in all the way (just applied a thin film, left sit, then wiped off
  5. Shiny as in oily/greesy? My face usually gets dull, but I know a friend who looks like a bowling ball. You will have some breakouts then everything will start going downhill from there. After a month you're on your way to only seeing a pimple once every 2 weeks or so! For your smile problem, try using more moisturizer. If you dont when you smile youll get little skin shavings haha.
  6. I'm on prescriptions now. They are working a lot better. My face is still real wierd looking though. =;
  7. Update I am no longer on this regimen, my face got fucked up from it ](*,) I have less acne now but I got blotches of whiteness on my skin and the redness is a lot darker. #-o Yeah, I should have listened to you guys
  8. I'm on it for 10 days. If I experience any negative side effect I will quit rigt away. And yes my red dots are dissapearing.
  9. Day Two I applied the Hydrogen Pyroxide this morning at 6:30AM and my skin throughout the day wasn't dry or oily / The redness stayed about the same from yesterday throughout today. I put another layer of HP on at about 6:00PM, and it lightened my acne and made some of the red dots go away. So far it looks as though my acne will go away in a couple weeks.
  10. Hey all, I read about the Hydrogen Pyroxide treatment so I decided to try it. I'm a 15 year old male with mild-moderate acne. At the start of the treatment I had 3 active pimples, but lots of hyperpigmentation from past zits. =; I am also using Minocycline once a day in conjunction with this treatment. When I apply the HP I rinse my face off and then pat dry it. I then get two cotton balls and smear my entire face with the first one. With the second one I just pat on the infected areas