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  1. I know many of you think holistic treatments are a bunch of bull and dont work. ( By the way I'll be responding to the holistic is bull threat shortly . I used to think that myself. In the last four years, I think I have used almost every over the counter, non-perscription, homeopathic remedy, technique, cream, salve, etc available. I did a lot of research and finally found something that worked. I can now say that I have been acne free for almost for one year. If you are interested in how I di
  2. Hey swab Though I don't know your history,(don't know your age, sex, activity level, health condition) I can tell you something may not be right. I would advise perhaps you may need to get a health evaluation from a health professional. I will say something, EATING JUNK FOOD TO TRY TO GAIN WEIGHT is a very bad move! If you are on a proper diet suited for the condition in which you live( athletic, non athletic) you should not either gain or lose weight. Scientifically, you are obviously burning