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  1. Hi all, Could you please tell me which food is rich in protein ? I read 100grams of chicken slices contains 13.4 grams of proteins and the same amount of lentils contains 24.6grams of protein. Could you guys tell me protein rich food for bodybuilding for i want to put on weight and muscle.. Thanks
  2. A site in my native language (skepsis.nl - it's a site that scientifically debunks pseudo scientifical stuff) has an extensive report about the blood group diet , i'll give a round up when i got time. Adamo for one isn't even a doctor , he doesn't have a MD or PhD which makes his 'work' a little less trustworthy. Thank you very much Quinten. IAm eagerly waiting for that blood group diet report
  3. hi thanks for the post. I had caged chicken eggs. I dont know how many people believe in blood type diet. ( http://intraspec.ca/blood.php ) Anyway, Iam not supposed to eat chicken according to it. the milk protein, salt and other ingredients in the chicken slices might be another reason for me to break out Is it ok to take minced beef ? can we trust for its minced (we dont know which part of the beef is there.
  4. Hi all, I was on detox last 2 months and found a great relief from acne on my face and back.I lost lots of weight and made me skinny .After that i started eating Tesco (company) Chicken slices which contains salt, milk protein in addition to 70% chicken and two eggs a day. now I got acne on my back and on my face again. I dont its because of egg or this processed chicken slices when will i get a complete relief
  5. May i know have you tried this ? Or what made you to think like this. I dont know? But want to get rid of this acne . I Have oily skin and that makes things worse
  6. Hey Lads, I found something interesting on the internet. http://www.healthy.net/scr/article.asp?Id=6728 http://intraspec.ca/blood.php On this www. majority of the opinions are in favour of blood type dietary. http://diet.ivillage.com/plans/pfoodcomb/0,,1l9b-4,00.html If you've tried it or know more about it, Please share... Cheerio for now.
  7. Hi All, Has anyone tried 'The Blood Type Dietary Plans' For more information please check out http://www.healthy.net/scr/article.asp?Id=6728 http://intraspec.ca/blood.php Please let's know your opinion, experiments, etc.. cheers ZeroToHero
  8. Hello everybody, I heard that liver flush helps to get rid of the pimples. Here is a weblink which explains how to do it http://home.bluegrass.net/~jclark/liver_cleanse.htm But i found another web link which contradict, which says "gallstones" typically passed during the liver flush are not really gallstones but simply soft complexes of mineral, olive oil and lemon juice produced within the digestive tract. http://altmedicine.about.com/cs/dietarythe...rms=liver+flush On sending a mail pertaini