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  1. Hey you! I've been ok...actually, not really

    . Life is hard right now, but it's alright. I haven't talked to you in so long. How are things??

    1. snub you? I did nothing of the sort!! hahaha, and things are going kinda crappy in my life by the way. How are you? :)

      1. My friends Music My alone time with God Guitar Hero and trigonometry haha
      2. wow it's really comforting to hear these replies. A few years ago I liked a guy who was an inch shorter than me and I didn't go for it because I thought that was socially unacceptable. Wow I was shallow.
      3. I was actually thinking of posting a topic similar to this today! Personally, I've always said that I'd only date a guy who was taller than me (I'm 5'8), but I've started to stray away from that mind set. I think the older you get (although I'm only 20), you don't care as much about that stuff. And if you weightlift, then I can promise you that your height doesn't really matter because I'm sure you look really good. You could possibly grow some more too since you are only 17, but even if you
      4. Me too Mandy! haha, if it has bad reviews on MUA, i WON'T buy it.
      5. I saw this on the news yesterday and they said the girl was from Florida. Just FYI
      6. I did! And I feel really guilty I worked out every day over spring break and I feel like I ruined it all today hahaha
      7. It worked better for me than anything else, but not good enough. It stopped working after a few years. Accutane did the trick for me
      8. Yeah I think we've all heard the boob pill advertisements, and I've actually heard that they don't work. But I'd love to hear from someone who has actually tried them. I love the shape of mine, but it'd be nice to go up a cup size without having to get surgery haha
      9. You are so right! "Everyone is less mysterious than they think they are" ~Elizabethtown (the movie)
      10. hold the phone...VS swimwear IN STORES??! Where is this happening?? Anyway, I don't really like tube top swimwear...too risky haha. But I love that red VS suit--very pretty! I'm kind of disappointed w/ Victoria's Secret's swim selection this year. I wish they had more of the miracle bra ones. I'm small-chested and need some push-up help haha
      11. wow I had no idea this kind of stuff happened after high school!! haha, wow she's pretty dang immature. Just let it go, girl...let it go. I do understand this situation you are in though, because I had an ongoing thing w/ this girl from high school too. Although we've both grown up and are in college, there's still that tension there. But dang, we don't do crap to each other like this girl did to you! That was so three years ago hahaha
      12. What Im wondering though if a person who is overweight wears a short skirt, wont it make me look even more overweight? Well it definitely can, but it also depends on the skirt. If you are going to wear a short one, I'd go with a darker color that doesn't have a pattern (or not much of one). I would suggest wearing a medium length one just to be on the safe side. However, if you find a short skirt that you really like, you better work it girl! haha, when I wear a medium length skirt, it
      13. Yeah I'm thinking she has it backwards. Younger pre-teen girls can wear hoochie mama shorts and skirts without looking like sluts because they have stick legs and no curves. When a larger girl wears a really short skirt, there's more that is exposed. But heck, who really cares...wear whatever you are comfortable with! But I think your friend does have it backwards. Most ppl would say that really small girls can get away with shorter skirts just because they really don't look as short on the
      14. Listen to your body! If it is too much, definitely stop. However, I would try if I were you to stick it out at least another month. By the end of my course, I could barely sleep at night because my back hurt so bad, so I stopped taking the pills (but I only had a week left). My skin was clear, but my body was feeling worse every single day. I'm glad I stuck it out for (almost) the whole course though.
      15. yeah, dry and irritated eyes was on of the hardest side effects for me. Make sure you are constantly putting eye drops in! Don't let your eyes stay dry and irritated. I'm 2 months post tane and I'm still having some issues with my eyes, but it IS getting better. Good luck!
      16. sorry to be harsh, but your boyfriend's concern is obviously not for you, it is for him and his pleasure. He is being a jerk, and if he can't show respect for your body and health, then he does not deserve to be in a relationship.
      17. well I'm assuming since you are on accutane that you are also taking birth control pills, so it could be the birth control that is causing (or contributing to) the yeast infections. I know many women (and my doctor has even told me this) that have issues w/ reoccurring yeast infections due to birth control pills. Definitely talk to your doctor about it, and good luck with the rest of your course!
      18. I wash my face, wait about 5 minutes, apply tazorac (not too much), wait about 10 minutes, then apply moisturizer. I dunno what your derm meant about leaving it on for 5 minutes...I sleep all night with it on. But yes, apply tazorac before moisturizing.
      19. Yes, you can wear makeup. It is just fine! You will probably need to moisturize before applying foundation, because your skin might be very dry.