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  1. I've been okay, been better, but I'm doing pretty well.

  2. Hey you! I've been ok...actually, not really

    . Life is hard right now, but it's alright. I haven't talked to you in so long. How are things??

  3. make sure to call me before sunday night!!! OMG OMG. ahah

  4. You snubbed me and you know it! lol.. See my comment below??

  5. snub you? I did nothing of the sort!! hahaha, and things are going kinda crappy in my life by the way. How are you? :)

  6. Hey Babsy! How you been?

  7. My friends Music My alone time with God Guitar Hero and trigonometry haha
  8. wow it's really comforting to hear these replies. A few years ago I liked a guy who was an inch shorter than me and I didn't go for it because I thought that was socially unacceptable. Wow I was shallow.
  9. I was actually thinking of posting a topic similar to this today! Personally, I've always said that I'd only date a guy who was taller than me (I'm 5'8), but I've started to stray away from that mind set. I think the older you get (although I'm only 20), you don't care as much about that stuff. And if you weightlift, then I can promise you that your height doesn't really matter because I'm sure you look really good. You could possibly grow some more too since you are only 17, but even if you
  10. Me too Mandy! haha, if it has bad reviews on MUA, i WON'T buy it.
  11. I saw this on the news yesterday and they said the girl was from Florida. Just FYI
  12. I did! And I feel really guilty I worked out every day over spring break and I feel like I ruined it all today hahaha