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  1. hi, i recently purchased copper super cp serum off platinumskinscare, and i was wondering what would be the most efficient way of applying it to my face. i have been using cotton balls, but i think they soak it in too much causing me to waste some of the serum which i do not want to waste since it's pretty expensive. the bad thing is that the serum is kinda like water, so i can't just put it on my finger tips apply to my face. any suggestion??? gauze pad? maybe mix a little in a bottle of
  2. Hi, I have done a few 12.5% TCA Peels in the past month in conjuction with Emu oil. I'm thinking of using copper peptide after i do the TCA peels with emu oil since I've read that it increases healing and helps better. Copper CPs can be used after TCA peels, right? And not just Glycolic peels as I've read? I plan to order it off platinumskinscare; however, I see that there are three types to choose from --> Copper CP Serum, Copper Super Cop x2, and Copper Super CP Serum. http://www.plat
  3. Thank you. I emailed them a couple days ago asking whats the best applicator to use for TCA Peels. Altough I haven't had a response yet.
  4. Hi, I just ordered not too long ago a 12.5% 1oz. TCA Peel from PlatinumSkinCare, but the website wasn't very clear on what I was going to receive. Will I get what I need to use to apply the TCA on my face from PlatinumSkinCare? What all does the TCA Peel include besides the actual acid that I will receive? I wouldn't know what to use to apply it on my face if all I get is the acid. Thanks.
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/Pure-Australian-Emu-Oi...1QQcmdZViewItem Hi, has anyone tried that type of emu oil? I bought one on ebay like the one shown above at 4oz for aout $14. Thanks
  6. i will be finished with accutane, after a 5month treatment, january 7. 1st 21 days 40mg / days, 2nd 21 days 60mg / day, for about the next month 80mg / day, then 100mg/ day, and finally i'm at 120mg / day on the last month to end my treatment. i will be reaching a cummulative dosage of 12,000mg in comparison to my weight of 160lbsish. hopefully with this dosage my acne is dead for good. i have to say that i haven't had a pimple for about 4weeks disregarding a couple of small whiteheads that
  7. i've on on accutane for 3 months and a couple of weeks. Only side affects i have encountered have been extreme dryness and redness of my lips, dry eyes (i wear contacts), flaky skin on my face. also, my face is VERY sensitive. i accidently hit my face on the table when i sneezed (lol), and it literally ripped out part of my skin below my lips so yeah not cool. i'm currently alternating 80mg and 120mg every other day, and it is not that bad. i'll be done in the middle of january so yay not too
  8. My nose has always been aweful, however, there's no ance on it. I've always had liquidy substances coming out of my nose pores, but since I have started Accutane this has been minimized. My nose is still very red with a lot of pores and even with the slightest feeling on my nose, the skin easily starts to peel off and becomes bright red. Will Accutane fix this problem, or am I going to have to do something else to fix this? Oh, and I started using fruit of the earth gel a couple of weeks ag
  9. first 21 days i was on 40mg once per day. next 21 days i was alternating between 40mg one day, then the next day 80mg, then 40mg the next day etc... next 21 days after that 80mg. now i'm alternating between 80mg one day, then the next day 120mg, etc. i'm on day 76 wow time is flying.
  10. hi, i have been on accutane now for about 2 months and a week. so far things have been pretty good.....i have a some pimples on my forehead and my cheeks are pretty much clear expect they're really red and looks like i have acne which in reality it's all redmarks and i have only a few pimples there. the skin complexion looks pretty bad. ive been trying FOTE for the past few days and when i put it on my face, my skin feels sticky and my redmarks become a lot more prominent - has anyone experie
  11. i got my ear lobes and eyebrow pierced while on accutane. it's fine.
  12. wow, ever since i started using Accutane 2 months ago my lips have gotten really red.....people have been asking me if i been wearing lipstick since my lips are so red. and i'm a guy so it doesn't look very good...anyone experience this? i dont know if it may be that i need more water i think i'm drinking plenty of water....so i don't whats the problem. any responce or suggestions to not have my lips so red would be appreciated. thanks.