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  1. Sometimes I get ones like that to. But mine is much larger maybe one inch across. it is not very red and it is not going to explode but rather a bump as well. I hate these the most, it will stay for maybe 2 weeks and then go away or rupture and turn dark red almost black. and then going away..
  2. I agree, I just started with the 2.5% BP (not tinted) and I was amazed by how it was not visible once rubbed gently into the skin.
  3. Thank you all for your help. I am now off clearisil and using Bp 2.5% Neutrogena. You are all very kind thank you and good luck to you. Tokyo
  4. Don't get me wrong though I take vitamins, Just don't over due it or your just waisting money
  5. When you Piss turns Neon, it is your body telling you that you are taking to much B Vit. and what you are doing is pissing your vitiamins into the toilet, you will also smell the vitamins.
  6. I would suggest however to drink plenty of water. I drink about 6 liters aday. It makes me not so hungry all the time and it makes you mouth smell nice. you have to make twice as many trips to the bathroom though.
  7. Not entirely true... sure you should stay away from very greasy and oily foods, but the reason is more because you are very likly to splash grease or have it on you hands and then touch your face. Or if you do eat a big cheese burger you might get oils around your face and then pimples. But even if you don't eat greasy foods maybe your loved one does and then touchs your face or your cheek. I have heard time and time again that there have been many studies about how what you eat does NOT effect
  8. If it is not yet there be patient. It is making its way across Aisa now, due to the high demand of the stuff. It was not in Malaysia until a short while ago to. The problem with bringing it to the Philippines is that it is expensive. It was like Clearisil in Thailand. They had it there, but becuase it was expensive they discontinued it about 2 years ago. In the mean time I am pretty sure they have Oxy 5% there. I would get that for now. Becarful about the tinted stuff though, I know it is hot th
  9. So you wash your face 4 times a day? this does not increase the oil production in your skin? you don't notice more oily face now?
  10. I have had acne for about 10yrs now. It is mild now but I have the red spots. Before when I was younger for the first 8 years I never had red spots after the pimple went away, but now I do... I know it sucks! This doesn't make it go away but it helps with the covering up. I used tinted Clearisil or Oxy. It does depend on your skin tone however? if you have really white skin then maybe alittle non tinted would help cover it up until it fads away. Mine go away in about 1 to 2 months. And yes do
  11. Thanks for the info. Has anyone tried to use Clear Pore Treatment (nighttime pore clarifying gel) it contains 2% salicylic acid rather than BP. It makes my face a little shiny at night but it feels great, don't know if it will work though. you suppose to put it on at night and wash it in the morning. Anybody try this stuff?
  12. I will try as you have suggested. I have read on AcneWorld web site, that if you continue to use Bp for a long time, that your body will increase the oil production to counter the drying effect of Bp. Thus you wil continue to produce a lot of oil if you continue to use oil drying products such as Bp.. Does anyone know if this theory is correct or not??? Anyways I will switch from Clearisil 10%BP to on the Spot 2.5%BP.. I have to say I am alittle nervous about the outcome. it has been almost 10yr
  13. Just to let you guys know, they do sell On the Spot 2.5Bp in Malaysia now for 17.60RM
  14. Hello all, First I would like to acknowledge how much this site has made me feel like I am not alone in my quest to fighting Acne. All of the postings that i have read thus far have been inspiring and helpful in what other people are trying these days. I am afraid I am not as Acne smart as most of you are. I have mild Acne now but when I was younger I had severe Acne. Even now, every time I look in the mirror, I curse at myself for having such a face. Every time one zit goes away a new one will