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  1. I recently had an appointment with Dr. Davin Lim. He assessed the scars to be very shallow (extreme minor imperfections). An invasive procedure would potential only introduce additional scarring, and not benefit the imperfection. Inducing botox with vertical 'subcision' was addressed as a potential treatment option with an estimated 20-25% improvement. The latter treatment was not carried out as per my wish. On a final note: he stressed that acne scar revision is mainly for moderate to severe sc
  2. Thanks for replying. Three of the marks are from previous chickenpox and some from from childhood. The overall texture seems rough in the middle section. I am currently four months into isotret, 20mg six months in total. I don't know if I should expect any further "natural" improvement. The redness in the scars/marks have been present for a long time, indicating deep inflam. The texture change happened while using epiduo before iso, and has not reversed. Last time a used epiduo, the skin got tha
  3. Been dealing with forehead acne for two years, on and off. What kind of scars are these? Any treatments?