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  1. the soap i use is similiar to godiva's licorice soap. i have a few friends that have used that with great results as well! And no, I have not tried any vanishing creams yet.
  2. Now I know soap is said to be bad and drying for your skin but ever since i started using this black licorice soap my friend introduced me to, my skin has been clearing up really fast. I'm a 21 year old male who has been suffering with acne since the age of 15 and I can't believe my face is this clear now.. My regimen: Morning: - wash face with black licorice soap, leave lather on for 2 minutes, rinse - wait 5 minutes - apply a generous amount of Dan's BP - wait 10 minutes - apply complex 15 t
  3. Is it okay to use the neutrogena healthy skin face lotion spf 15 w/ AHA after applying the BP gel?
  4. Is it safe to use 2.5% BP gel after doing the aspirin mask? I've heard that the bp penetrates into the pores better after exfoliating with the aspirin mask, but then again i've read that you're not supposed to mix BP and BHA.
  5. take fish oil. cleanse gently. use a good moisturizer with spf and AHA. drink lots of water.
  6. i would have to go with cetaphil facial cleanser for normal-oily skin.
  7. has anybody used this? i bought a tube on ebay (its expired but the seller says it still works). ive heard its one of the better tinted moisturizers. How does it compare to Laura Mercier TM and drugstore TMs?
  8. basically concealer is to cover up blemishes/spots and foundation just helps with your overall complexion.
  9. i havent used it, but i've used the proactiv sheer finish pressed powder. it evens out my complexion with a matte finish and doesnt add any color.
  10. it gives me a nice matte finish. also, i think it all depends on your skin as well.
  11. Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer is very popular but it's expensive. Right now I'm using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer tinted moisturizer and let me just say... its THE BEST tinted moisturizer you can find at a drug store. I bought mine for only 8 bucks on ebay too, if you look around you can usually find it for 10 dollars and under. Anyways, i've used a lot of drugstore tinted moisturizers and nothing comes close to this. i got compliments the first day i used it. It looks really natural and
  12. I couldn't find a thread on this, sorry if there is already one out there. i dont have that much acne anymore, just a few blemishes left from acne scars. has anyone ever tried mixing their foundation/concealer with their moisturizer? I like going for the natural look and i've noticed that whenever i mix my mac studio finish concealer with my moisturizer, it looks a lot more natural. Is this bad? I know that a lot of mac products clog pores but does mixing the moisturizer with a concealer make it
  13. a professor in class showed us the film about the laws of attraction and i must say, at first it sounded ridiculous. about a year ago i started getting acne and i was stressing about it a lot and hating myself. after a few months of dealing with it, i just got over it and didnt care what anybody else thought. i pretty much ignored my acne and didnt think about it. after i did that, i pretty much cleared up. now my face is acne free except for a few whiteheads i get from time to time. i dont know
  14. yeah it happens to me as well from time to time. also, like most of you, my left side is clearer than my right side.