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  1. I have been on Yaz constantly for 2 years now. While I still have a couple break out, I have NO more full cheek breakouts, all-over forehead bumps, etc. I still get the occasional deep under skin pimple that forms, but I can definitely handle the small break outs. Also, my periods are way lighter, not much cramping, consistent cycles, and no really PMS (but I did not have much before). Love it!
  2. Hi all... I am clearing out my makeup bin of EDM products. Ones that are open, I basically tried them once and that was it. Just want to pass along the awesomeness - I wear EDM everyday! http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/danielle302_...QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ
  3. I have always heard they are from damage. Biting nails, picking at them to somewhat disrupt the nail bed, banging your hand with your fingers against something. They won't show right away because it is what happens under where the nail starts... If you had a severe enough zinc deficiency to get the spots, I think you would see other signs too (like hair falling out), could be though
  4. I used the Start to Finish Fair and I like it so far. I used it for the first time on Friday and had to be in 90 degree weather in a hot gym and it held up pretty well. I used the blotting paper when I got back to my room and it did a nice job though it was more sweat than oil...
  5. i found it in the section with other feminine products, usually around condoms, yeast treatments, lubes... Those type of Monistat products are in a dark purple box. I like it. And I agree, I have found more success, quality, and price savings with store brand everything. I have no sympathy for people who can't pay their credit cards or put gas in their car when they insist on high end name brands with the way the economy is...
  6. I just got the EDM blotting papers today so I will let you know what I think of them.
  7. I got my order no problem today (6 days). I didn't get any confirmation it was shipping but was happy to see it on my door step. They even sent me the Launch Party blush even though my order after my coupon and before shipping was only $31
  8. I got the blotting papers and a large mixing jar plus a 6 piece kit Ivory pressed powder Start to Finish Fair Intensive Fair concealer Ivory Matte foundation Fair Matte foundation A slightly darker matte foundation which I can't remember (maybe the golden peach or something??)
  9. I just placed an order the other night, after making up my cart the day before and I had zero problems. I thought it was fine.
  10. Thanks for the coupon hint! Tomorrow is my b-day so I am ordering up!
  11. Anyone know if/when they have been posting any coupon specials on the new site yet... like what section or if it would be on the main page? I want to pick up a 6 piece kit to mainly get a pressed powder and the start-to-finish and stock up on foundation since it is cheaper with the kit and wanted to see about a coupon first to save a little. Thanks!
  12. When I was in HS, i guess it was the hormonal changes but I started sweating so much. It was horrible, but my mom and I found the certain dri too and it was a lifesaver. I still sweat a little more than I would like but I get overheated easily anyways but I could stop using the certain dri after a couple of years. I use the Secret Clinical now.
  13. I use a mix of Fair and Ivory in EM and have really liked it.