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  1. I have acne prone skin and have been using BE since February and it has worked really well. It has actually improved my skin--I know there are lots of people here that have had a bad experience with it, but just so you know, not ALL of us have! Their brushes are great too!=)
  2. I am so glad it is working for you. I have been wearing BE for about 9 months, and that makeup paired with the regimen has done wonders for my skin. I know lots of people cannot wear it, but truly I know what you mean. I apply it at usually about 8am and some days it stays on my face until 9:30 or 10pm and honestly, it still looks good when I wash my face at night. I just got the mineral veil, and it is AMAZING for touch ups and it does a good job of just enhancing the staying power. I ha
  3. makeup specific: -any eyeshadow that compliments my green eyes...golds and magentas/pinks are always a good bet -BE gossamer on my cheekbones...gives that youthful glow, i promise -shiny lipgloss -"supermodel poof" hair...guys love this one!
  4. Put vitamin E oil on them and push them back as needed. After awhile, the oil alone keeps mine in check.
  5. Soo, awhile back I had asked about a good mascara and some of you had said Full and Soft. I didn't try it at first, but about 3 weeks ago, I decided to give it a go. I have been wearing it ever since and I LOVE it. It doesn't irritate my eyes after wearing it all day (and most mascaras do), it can be applied in multiple layers without clumping, and it is just fabulous!! Thank you all for convincing me!
  6. I wear Lovely by SJP and it is so wonderful!! I also wear Pleasures Exotic and Clinique Happy to Be (in the warm months) and I have Happy Heart too. Hope that helps=).
  7. I know I am in the minority, but BM has done wonders for my skin. It isn't itchy and doesn't break me out, takes about a minute to apply *full coverage*, and my skin looks great all day! However, I know there are lots of posts on here from people that have had problems, so like I said, I am in the minority. But just for the record, BM is not all bad! Their eyeshadows are FABULOUS too!! (as is the buxom lip gloss!!!)
  8. I saw the lash tint, but went with the volume one by neutrogena (in a black tube). I used it, and it seemed to work pretty well. No clumps, and I had it on for about 10 hours, and it didn't bother my eyes. Now, the true test is to see if I 'develop' a problem with it, which is what I have done in the past...
  9. I took a nasal spray for years, and after some research after a bad breakout, I read that some internasal corticosteroids can contribute to acne problems. I weaned myself off the nasal spray, and while it didn't get RID of my acne problems, I definitely saw a major improvement. I would just be very aware of the possibility, so that if there is a problem, you catch it in the beginning.
  10. I am pretty sure that is the same kit that is sold at Bed Bath and Beyond, if you have that store where you are and don't want to order by mail. I saw it up at the cash register recently when I was there. I have never tried that makeup myself though.
  11. I am trying Neutrogena's mascara...I was at the store today and it caught my eye, and I couldn't remember what was recommended on this post, so I got it. We shall see if it irritates my eyes or not. Here's to hoping!
  12. I wear contact lenses and need to find a non-irritating mascara that won't clump. I have been reading online reviews, but was wondering if anyone here had sensitive eyes and was using a mascara they loved. Suggestions?