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  1. I have been reading this thread page per page during the last few months. I managed to read only a small part because so much has been written, but I am happy that the discussion is still going on in the search for answers. I took Accutane 10 years ago and that's when I actually registered my account on this forum. I had no idea back then what trouble I was getting into. My acne problem was gone and they didn't return back. However, my personality and sanity have also gone with my acne, and th
  2. I hope it won't be as before, because i had really horribly oily skin :confused:
  3. I have been on roaccutane for a little over 4 months now. I started with a 50 mg dose, continued with a 40 mg dose, and a few days ago i started taking 30 mg daily. After i complete my 2 weeks with 30 mg daily, i will start taking a 20 mg dose for a week, and then 10 mg for a week, and then stop... So, the end is near, and im happy because of that, especially because my acne is gone for over a month now, but as many of you that finished a roaccutane course, im feeling paranoid that the acne will
  4. I've been taking accutane for 3 months now (first two months - 50mg daily, third month- 40mg daily, i have 80kg). Untill lately, i didnt have any trouble, once i got a nose bleed, and i have dry lips, and that was about it. But about a week ago, weird red marks started to form on my hands. About 50% of my right hand is red, and the skin on my left hand just started to get red. It feels dry, and when i touch it, it doesnt hurt, it just feels a little uncomfortable. I put moisturizer during sleep
  5. DAY 9 Got 2-3 new cysts on my face, and a lot on my back. Whiteheads disappeared, so there are actually mostly cysts left. Having problem with dry lips, so i started using lip balm. All in all, my face looks better, im just waiting for these cysts to disappear, and i hope i wont get any new ones...
  6. DAY 6 Today i woke up and found my face not so red any more. Tiny whiteheads disappeared. There are still a few cysts, that dont look so inflamed any more, and they seem to be recovering faster. My lips are even more dry. I also noticed that my face is slowly getting drier. Ussualy, when i wake up in the morning, my face is very oily, but this morning it looked much less oily. I hope the results will keep getting better...
  7. DAY 4 Got alot of tiny white heads, and 2 new cysts. Lips and nose are getting relatively dry. I also noticed that my pimples, and the whole face actually, got more red than before starting the treatment. I haven't noticed my skin getting drier, it looks even more oily.
  8. I'm on day 2 (taking also 50mg), and i also noticed a bunch of these very tiny white heads forming on my face. I never had pimples like that before, at least not so many. I guess this is the famous IB, and i hope it wont get any worse than this...
  9. Hey! I also started my (ro)accutane treatment today Good luck, i hope you get good results.
  10. DAY 1 Muahahahaha, i finally got my hands on roaccutane I hope this is going to work. Untill now, i used almost every anti acne medicine i could find in my country (retin-a, benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, erythromycin, minocycline, salicylic acid, resorcinol, retinaldehyde, zinc based products...), and nothing cleared my face completely. However, i got the best results with the erythromycin+retinaldehyde combo, but my face still wasnt clear, and the treatment stopped giving positive results
  11. Good luck! I'm starting my first roaccutane treatment tomorrow (also 50 mg), i hope this will finally get my face clear
  12. How much does (ro)accutane cost anyway? In my country, it is free for everyone, all you pay is your private dermatologist, which is mostly about 15$ per month.
  13. A month ago, i visited a private dermatologist, and he came to a conclusion that roaccutane is my last and only chance to finaly get clear skin (i have bad acne, and i tried out almost every acne medication available in my country, except roaccutane). BUT, he didnt want to start the treatment now, he said that it is a bad idea to go through a roaccutane treatment during summer, so he gave me minocycline capsules and diacneal from avene. After a month of using those, my skin got slightly better,