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  1. ive been using 10% tinted for months
  2. I dont know if you guys care, but heres my story on acne jr year in high school i went on accutane, that that cleared me up for about a year. after accutane, i dont think i washed my face like i do now, and senior year my face would have some break outs. I would be so self concious about these and try to do anything to get rid of them, which resulted in redness from popping or extremely dry peeling, flaky skin from using too much wash/medication too fast. About a year ago, i started the r
  3. just leave a thick dab of bp on the zit only. so you have dots of bp on your face. make sure it dries before you go to bed so it doenst smear off. also ive had good experiences with clearasil sulfur resinol. it looks like clearasil bp, but its sulfur. Try the same thing with that
  4. try cetaphil mousturizer and cut down on the bp if its aggravating ur skin too much
  5. have you tried 10% bp? maybe that would work maybe just rubbing it in and then dab little globs of it on ur bumps
  6. well try the regimine first if that doesnt work out for you, give accutane a shot i was on accutane for a bit. it definatley clears u up and even though its effects may not be permanate, i feel as though it lessens the severity of ur future acne u should talk to ur derm about the side effects of accutane. I experienced dry skin and lips..thats about it...and clear skin
  7. make sure you get that hard chunk out... thats about all i can say i also put a little bp on it and then put a piece of toilet paper on it for a while
  8. than on my cheeks :/ i get the occasional cyst on the cheeks only, and they leave annoying marks in my opinion, if i had to get acne anywhere, id want it around my jawline
  9. YESH i moist then add a little more bp to active ones afterwards
  10. cut back on the bee pee and moisturize if your just starting, use only a tad bit of b p or whatever your face can handle and gradually up the dosage
  11. Korea


    uhh reggi cleared me up pretty ok