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  1. I so wanted to love this makeup, but it didn't last very long on me (very oily skin) and gave me a huge cystic pimple on my chin (I never break out any more), so I switched to L'Oreal Cashmere Perfect. Still doesn't last that long, but it doesn't make me break out and I love the texture!
  2. Just wondering if anyone here has gotten a TCA peel at their doc's office (not peels done at home) and if so, how were the results? I'm looking for a reduction in my rolling scars as well as a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes & mouth (caused by sun damage). If someone has already discussed this in another thread, could someone point me to it? Thanks everyone!
  3. Could someone tell me what the difference is between these two products? Are they both copper peptide products (or just the Super CP serum)? Can they be used together? Are they good for oily, rolling-scarred skin like mine? Thanks for any info!
  4. Thanks Zha! I have moderate scarring mostly in the form of SEVERAL rolling scars with a few ice picks thrown in - the texture of my skin is like ground meat! Well okay, not THAT bad, but you know what I mean...I was wanting to avoid using opaque makeup like Dermablend because it's so heavy, but I haven't found any regular foundation that works really well to "fill in" the scars I have on my cheeks & temples. I am currently using Revlon ColorStay Natural and it's so-so, but better than
  5. Does anyone have a trick for using makeup to fill in their scars or evening out their skin texture? I get to tired of having uneven skin texture from these @#$^& scars! Thanks!
  6. Funny you should mention eBay! I have tons of stuff that I was going to get rid of in a garage sale with my mom & sis! Perhaps I should reconsider the garage sale and use eBay instead! Thanks for the tip! Smoothbeam, here I come... /
  7. That's great Angel76! Keep us posted on your progress. I intend to do Smoothbeam later in the year when I have the funds. /
  8. Has anyone using the tape method of exfoliation experienced patchy dry skin? I NEVER get dry skin and this has done it! I'm probably over doing it, aren't I (I was taping every night before bed for a week for the dry pathces showed up)? How often should I be doing this? It was really making a difference in my skin until the dry patches. Now my poor skin looks horrible and wrinkly! ](*,) Any thoughts?
  9. WhiteGold, Welcome! I'm pretty new here myself and I can certainly relate to your pain. I have severe cystic acne from the time I was 15 until I was 23. I wanted to cry every time I looked in the mirror. I felt so ugly. I even had an ex-boyfriend ask me why my face was so messed up, like it was my fault (that really hurt)! Luckily for me Accutane worked and I've not had any major problems for the past 8 years (I'm now 31). But I also have lots of scarring left over. I thought most of