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  1. I just want to help people and let you know the truth. I suffered from acne for the past 25 years and finally got fed up with trying to go to doctors and getting treatment and spending thousands of dollars that just went down the drain. Nothing worked permanently it was as if i was just born to suffer. Several years ago i decided to take matters into my own hands and started to do my own research. Coming from a family of scientists i figured that i had the analytical skills to figure out the pr
  2. Hey Jenny I just read your blog abt Hulda Reghers Clark and fungus infestation and Demodex and its crazy because you were like reading my mind. I had the same thing happen to me! My acne got very bad and I was at the end of my rope and then I started researching and my dad introduced me to a naturopathic doctor and she taught me abt parasites and gave me huldas book and a book called "The

  3. yes..i had dark brown also after a TCA peel. it peels off yes..i had dark brown also after a TCA peel. it peels off
  4. yeah..that's normal..after i do tca peels i have black smudge all over my skin coming from underneath. It peels off in a week. And i have pale white skin..and the peels bring up brown black sludge. It will go away. Oh yeah..if it doesn't go away right away.. i forgot that i was using retina A micro to get it to dissapear..also Obaji lightening and exfoliation creams.
  5. I had cystic acne for about 20 years. I finally cured myself about 5 months ago. I no longer break out. I went from having hundreds of puffy painful scabby cysts all over my face to now having barely any breakouts on my face. Maybe a small one here and there. i believe in time i will probably have none. it doesn't matter. what i did was a miracle to me after suffering for most of my life. What i did was start to dedicate all my time to researching. i had already done accutane several times, smoo
  6. ok..i've been reading through all these posts..and i'm still not finding that Fraxel is worth the money. $6000 to get maybe 30% improvement? Can't i get the same improvement from needling for a shit load less money? Is this highway robbery charging $1000 per fraxel with crappy results like im reading. The amount of money they are charging is taking advantage of people's misery. It's not wonder they have no prevention method for acne and shitty cures for acne like accutaine. They make more money
  7. Check out morgellons disease which is fibers growing out of people's skin all over their body. Over 100,000 people have reported this to the Center for Disease Control over the past couple of years. Can you say nanotechnology gone wrong? Did you know they are already using nanotechnology in our foods, prescriptions, water and beauty products? The reason you have probably not heard about this is because the couple of people who have been trying to get this problem out into the news have mysteriou
  8. Dr. Shamban (don't know how to spell) in santa monica, CA..is known as one of the top dermatologists..her smoothbeam was $350 or something like that.
  9. nonotechnology is already being used in a large percentage of our foods. People think it could be a disaster to our health since we do not know the repurcussions. Look at people who have morgellons..with fibers growing out of their skin all over their body. This is believed to be a result of nanotechnology gone bad. Scientists are saying the fibers are like little metal transistors and a result of nanotechnology in either our food or water. There are over 100,000 complaints to the FDA regarding
  10. i'm 37. Yeah..i got results so i recommend. I'm still wondering if it's worth to do fraxel as well..I'm not sure if the results are any better then needling though. Anyone know?
  11. hi there's probably an underlying cause to losing skin pigmentation. What i have learned is that many skin problems are the result of toxins in the liver and kidney. If i were you i would go to see a natural practitioner to help you get nutrition into your body and detox your liver and kidney. In Florida..Dr. Ulan in clearwater is the pioneer of "nutritional response testing". He may be able to diagnose what is going on in your body. He's a chiropractor who also does this testing. He started doi
  12. i'm 7 months post needling with Frank at transitions. i would say i had improvement. I don't know percentage but i know it was worth it. I'm going to go back to him to do a couple more needling sesions. I wish i just did like 4 in a row every 3 weeks instead of waiting for so long to do another session. it does help. Oh..and i have rolling scars.
  13. i honestly would recommend demodexsolutions.com. I used their products and it took 7 months..and now i am pretty much clear of acne. I had cystic acne for about 20 years and nothing else worked. And i don't work for the company..i'm just someone that got cured by their products and i just wanted to help. I'm just back on the acne forum so i can look at scar solutions now that my acne is gone. And i know the feeling of not being able to deal with the bumps and wanting to cut them off.. i don't b
  14. hey trapped, your post made me cry. I totally know how you feel. I'm 37 and have been held captive by my skin for most of my life. I have been extremely depressed about it. I don't like looking people in the eye and i hate to be in certain lights. I just recently got rid of my horrible acne and now i'm dealing with the scars. I feel like there is no end to this problem and it has robbed me of a happy life. I'm now looking for scar treatments and went for one treatment with Frank at transitions f
  15. First, I haven't been back here in a while since i cured myself. I came on here to answer an email message i received. I'm annoyed by the responses i got from my post..since i only wanted to help people. I wanted to prevent others from the misery i felt walking around with spots and bumps and crusty looking crap on my face. I Never was able to really feel comfortable in light or look people in the eye. I felt gross and i wanted to help you while you are young. Since i didn't find all the informa