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  1. Thanks for your guys' advice. Elizabeth - I'm kinda in the same boat as you. I'm on my last pack (5 mo course) and my active acne is gone, but I have red marks left and DEFINITE scarring on my cheeks. It's gross. Even though I don't have bumps, I have super bad texture cause of the scars. I don't know what I'm going to do. I want to do laser surgery but I can't do that for atleast another 6 months you know? I might try tanning to get ride of the red marks though, that helped me before act
  2. I'm going to the hot springs for my first time with my new boyfriend, and I have NO idea what I'm going to do with make-up issues. Ofcourse he's never seen me without it, and that's how I'd like to keep it for awhile until I can find a permanent solution. We're also staying there overnight so I'm SURE that it will be coming off... or will it? Is there anything temporarily permanent I can use? Is there any kind of solution for this at all? Anyone else experience something like this, and what
  3. Month 2 and I don't even know the day texture of my skin is horrriiiiblle. the 'healing' bumps are still freakin there, i swear they will take months and months to go away. i mean, they're so deep and basically inactive, its so stupid. and ive noticed so many shallow and rolling scars and my cheeks, what can i do for that? laser surgery?!?!?
  4. Month 2 Day 20 WELLLL i think im getting better, VERY minimally, atleast my huge breakout i got before my period is going away, leaving stupid inactive bumps under my skin and red marks. The texture of my skin is so bad, i cant wait until im done with accutane so i can do laser surgery. my friends brother had it done and his face was even worsse than mine, and now his face looks way better than mine. gahhhh! hopefully this keeps getting better and does NOT break out next month before my perio
  5. It depends on what kind of insurance you have, ofcourse. I know someone who had laser surgery done and his insurance covered it, so I called my insurance agency and they cover it also!! =)
  6. I know exactly how you feel with the boyfriend thing. Me and my boyfriend just broke up too, and we haven't even spoken or texted in over a week. (probably cause I changed my number), but he still has my home phone #. Anyways, it's really really hard, and it's harder to talk about it with other people who aren't going through the same thing. Deep down, I wanna believe it's for the best. He leads a pretty irresponsible and wreckless life, and I don't wanna be apart of that. But I do still lo
  7. DAY 71 The IB from my upped dosage is calming down. Which means dry flakey disgusting scabs all over my face. Oh well, atleast it's healing!!! I swear no matter how much moisturizer I put on, the spots that are healing still look scabby. So the texture of my cheeks are really bad right now, plus even though they're in healing, the bumps are still there under my skin!! And they're visible with makeup on, highly visible. ALSO.. they're BRIGHT red. I don't know why.. but it's taking foreverrrr
  8. Elizabeth - I admire you for even telling your new guy your on tane!! I hide it from everyone possible... don't want to admit my problem, even though it's readily visible to everyone who looks at me! Good luck on your road trip, and have fun! DAY 67 Breakouts on both cheeks. Probably an IB from my upped dosage. They are big tender bumps underneath my skin, and brighhht red. yucky. And I still have inactive bumps on my cheeks too. Littl breakouts on chin. And the pimple on my forhead is not
  9. That's cool that we both got bumped up to 60mg/day. It sucks cause I have to take 6 pills at a time (10 mg each, ugh! stupid pharmacy) Anyways, my derm said to expect an IB, and I'm pretty sure I'm getting one. I'm getting really red under the skin bumps that are pretty big in size, look more like welts to me. My skin has been feeling a tad bit drier also. Have fun at the wedding! Hope your skin looks gorgeous
  10. Okay, so I didn't go to the dinner from my last post. I washed my face, put my make up on, took one look.. than called to cancel!!! Loser status. I go back to work in 2 days too and I hope hope hope I look a little better by than (office environment/professionalish) DAY 62 Well since starting the 60 mg/day dose, nothing has changed. But it's only been 2 days, so I'll give it a little more time before I start having a nervous break down. I also went shopping today which made me happier!! =
  11. I'm trying to grow my hair out too!!! Well it's to my shoulders already, but my top layer is SUPER short, not even to my chin (hairstylist butchered my hair after frying it) but anywho.... I love the side swept bang look. I've had it for a couple years and it gives off such a good sense of style. I'm not trying to grow it out so all my hair can be even. Good luck w/ your decision!
  12. BULL. It doesn't matter if god exists or not. fact is, it's not your acne.. it's you. there are people with acne I see all the time goin out having a great time, with their acne not even phasing them. I would say, don't worry.. you'll get a girl with your personality, but I'd be lying, cause your as fun as a drawer full of socks.
  13. hey! well I went to go see my derm and she upped my dosage to 60 mg/day. ( I have to take 6 10mg pills at a time! haha). But I weigh more than you also (115 lbs), so that might be why your dosage wasn't upped? Just a little update on my visit to the derm, also she said that continuing to break out right now is perfectly normal!! good news for us!! =)
  14. I'm more drawn to girls without acne. Maybe it's cause I have it?!?! I don't know. But creamy smooth skin on girls makes them seem beautiful to me, even if other parts of them are not so great. But I'm not gonna lie, I've seen plenty of hotties with acne too! I think guys are pretty much like... "I'll take whatever I can get!!" haha, jk. Not all of them are like that....