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  1. http://www.makeupaddict.org/brushes.html This link tells you whether the brushes are natural or synthetic. The are only a few that are synthetic. The ones that come in the Holiday brush sets are the same brushes, except they are machine-made not hand-made (but to me there's no difference at all). If your going to get a brush set I recommend this one: http://www.maccosmetics.com/templates/prod...CT_ID=PROD12403 or this one: http://www.maccosmetics.com/templates/prod...CT_ID=PROD12404
  2. Great...that's encouraging!!! I've been wanting to use them for a long time because the shades look Anyone else?
  3. So what are your thoughts on MAC blushes, specifically the Sheertone blushes? MAC foundation broke me out a while back, so I've steered clear of their face products. But now that my skin is all good, I want to know what others with acne-prone skin have experienced using their blushes. Thanks in advance
  4. I have a synthetic brush from Aubrey Nicole and it dries overnight. I don't know about the EM brushes, but my brush has never talken that long to dry.
  5. I was looking up the ingredients and as soon as I saw Bismuth Oxychloride, I knew I couldn't get the blush. Bismuth oxychloride + me= Such a shame because all of their blushes look so amazing, especially Exhibit A!
  6. I've heard vaseline works...at least that's what Tyra Banks says, LoL!
  7. Ok, sorry to go off topic, but...Molly your dog is SO cute! I know it's some kind of poodle, right? I have a toy poodle, but the color of yours is too much...it looks like a teddy bear!!
  8. I think you should try Buttered Tan... I believe it's in the Golden category as well
  9. I believe Buttered Tan (Warm) is a tad darker than Medium Biege Neutral, so that one is worth a shot. And for a blush that gives you that just exercised look...Sunday Brunch!!! :dance:
  10. Everyday Minerals Foundation (Intensive Formula)- great coverage, cheap, and lasts all day Aubrey Nicole Medium Concealer- matte, hides everything, and lasts all day Everyday Minerals Summer Silk Dust- just a little bit of this powder helps control oil and adds a hint of color and evens everything out Everyday Minerals Blushes in All Smiles and Sunday Brunch-great colors, very pigmented, cheap Aubrey Nicole large Kabuki-softest brush that gives great coverage and blends everything perfectly
  11. Um, I'd probably stay away from it. Bismuth Oxycholride is the second ingredient, meaning it probably has a high amount of it. A lot of people on here have had bad experiences w/ bismuth oxychloride. If you have a reaction, it can make your face feel like it's on fire (because it burns and itches) and canmake you breakout. There are WAY better mineral makeups out there: Everyday Minerals, Aubrey Nicole, Alima, Aromaleigh, Meow Cosmetics...just to name a few
  12. I just found this on the AN website... "Please NOTE that we do NOT use any Micronized ingredients in the formulations of our Mineral Makeup" But I still want to here what EM has to say!
  13. Oooo...tell me what they both say! I wear both EM and AN, and have been curious about this for some time!
  14. Wow someone that actually likes Bare Minerals LoL ! I use Everyday Minerals and Aubrey Nicole, and IMO they are both better than BM because they have different formulations, better coverage and staying power, and are SO much cheaper. I used BM for about 5 months and during that last couple of months, it was horrible. My face constantly felt like it was on fire, I was itching, and breaking out badly. Come to find out, it was the bismuth oxychloride in BM. I stopped using it, and have had
  15. Hi all, Just wanted to let you know (if you don't know already) that Aubrey Nicole is coming out with their line of pressed mineral makeup including: pressed foundation, pressed blush, and pressed finishing powders! I have their concealer and I'm really loving it, and even though I love my Everyday Minerals foundations, Aubrey Nicole is tempting me w/ their new stuff! How cool is this?? Aubrey Nicole lovers, start saving your $$$$!