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  1. Googled "topical gla" and I think "androgens"....a while ago... Anyways I read that when GLA was applied topically, it had the effect of inhibiting the effects of androgens where applied. It was so interesting! I will try to find the article, (I'm so lazy) but has anyone had good luck or tried mixing in with their face wash some borage oil (hexane free)? They have a solgar GLA supplement, and wondering if anyone has tried this or wants to give it a shot? And I read borage applied topically
  2. Funny, zinc... hmmm, when I was younger I took zinc, and 2 g's sundown's msm together (and BCAA's branched chain amino acids/glutathione - Jarrow formulas, not sure if that was related to be honest) to heal from a nasty infection, I noticed all my scarring and redness went away! (I have a weak stomach though and was scared zinc would give me vomiting). I had to go off the rest as I got "over-active" tummy troubles umm yeah...
  3. I just got the concealor and the foundation on "Smokey Mountain" one! I hope it is good. I am ordering from 4 more places (next month I will order (my bday is coming up!) from one company that looks good, 3 month supply of foundation mineral is $24... still a little pricey for me... I'm use to a blush that is 3-4 months @ $10. So I hope I like it). However I am also ordering samples from Joppa, everyday minerals, and oh crap, I forgot the name of the third... But if anyone wants me to I'll re
  4. Lol, no way! I use Sonia Kashuk's brushes as well, so does my Aunt and we've had no problems. Even it SAYS on the casing that it's synthetic hair! And it's so soft as well. I'm not letting my $14.99 go to waste! Boar, isn't that some type of pig? I remember I was at Macys one time and a woman tried to sell me a $79.99 brush made out of squirrel's hair. poor little creatures!!
  5. I was shocked to read this : "Unfortunately there are no government regulations as to who can own or operate an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machine." http://outlet.med1online.com/p-2884-lumeni...n-care-ipl.aspx http://www.centre-biotechnique-avance.com/....02/IPL_600.htm http://www.centre-biotechnique-avance.com/...es_Separate.htm "Non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as laser removal are generally classified as 'exempt' from local health codes which regulate electrolysis. In most areas a
  6. Mineral makeup has helped my skin clear up so so much. The two best mineral powders I found are Joppa minerals and Everyday Minerals. I actually use both. With a big powder brush I first apply Joppa full coverage. Then for any red posts that may still be showing through, I use a smaller camouflage brush and cover them with Everyday Minerals semi-matte powder which is much much lighter and not as matte. I find this is the perfect combination for me as my makeup does not look caked on and my ski
  7. My doctor and esth. told me to use only natural makeup from now on. Jane Iredale seems too pricey and they told me to go on ebay or the internet for better deals on mineral makeup (and non-animal fur brushes to apply it). They told me "mineral" makeups only. Which I have decided to use. She also said NOT to use "animal-fur makeup brushes" (think Blush brushes). And when we asked what brushes I needed, she said "like Boar's Bristle" and I have only been able to find a flimsy "fan" looking boar